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  • Where do we begin?

    My daughter has become very interested in learning how to Jingle dress dance. But, where do we begin? Does she learn by watching videos? Attending pow-wows? Do I pay for private lessons? We are in the Rio Rancho, NM area. She is 10, but we have no family who has danced jingle before.

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    My best advice for you is get familiar with the story and the backround of the jingle dress. Ask an elder to give you and her guidance. Other then that, we are here to help ya!
    If you lose the drum beat of the creator, you are lost in life - Aanishnabe

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      that's good to hear that ur daughter wants to jingle dance well me when I first started to dance jingle I learned old style and stuck then I was 10 and now I'm 25 so i've been dancing for 15 yrs now well not counting those's three yrs I was out of the circle and well I watch other dancers at pow-wows and learn from them and I got to know ppl and the women out there on the pow-wow trail are real nice and they will be willing to help out ur daughter believe me I know....she don't have to be a champion dancer to go out and dance as long as she's having fun and through the years she'll get the hang of it and she'll get better good luck tell her to keep with it no matter what ppl say to her


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        I agree with the other two post.

        Begin with learning and knowing the history and story of the dress.

        If you have no one to teach her how to dance then videos are a great way for her to learn.
        As stated above folks at the powwows will be more than happy to help.
        And she'll pick it up as she goes along.

        Personally I wouldn't pay for lessons. First, it's a pray dance. In my view no one should charge for jingle dance lessons. (I'm not saying that you shouldn't gift the teacher - you should.) But for someone to put a price on the steps is just wrong.

        At any rate - she should have fun.
        This is a serious dance and should be taken seriously but there is lots of room for fun - which - for the young ones is very important and in the long run will keep them involved.
        Like those who came before us and those that will follow; so shall we dance.


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