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    well I'm looking for someone an ojibway who knows the ceramony of a jingle dress. I jingle dress dance but and I started out long time ago and from what I've been told there is a cermony that needs to be done in order to dance jingle??
    and I didn't do it right I just slap on a jingle dress cause I loved the way it sound and the way it made me feel when I dance but anyways this time I want to do things right for my daughter who I'm going to be having a tiny tot special for next summer and I want her to come into the circle as a jingle dress dancer. So if anyone out there knows anything about this let me know I would greatly appreciate it...
    thanks whole bunches

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    From what I have haerd, the jingle dress is meant for prayer. It was first made by an ojibwe man (some stories say woman) whose daughter was very sick. He/She asked the creator for help on how to cure her daughter. That night He/She had a dream, and the creator presented him/her with a vision of the jingle dress. When he/she awoke they got started on the dress immediatley. The cones were to be handmade because that guarantees flaws, and that each cone would be different, unperfect. Just as the paths we take in life are imperfect. They face down to echo the voice of the creator from above. The girl danced in the jingle dress and by the end of the song, she was healed.
    Since then the dress has been an instrument used for prayer. The Jingle dress dancer is praying to the creator for good health of a sick one. They may also pray on another person's behalf, provided that that person has presented the jingle dress dancer with tobbacco before the dance. When the cones jingle, the creator is listening to those who dance.
    It may not be all there, but that's what I've been told. And I know the history is probably a recap of twenty other things on this site, but it's important to mention why.


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      Go look at the Jingle dress video NMAI(story and demonstration), on this website, I found it to be best explained by the Ojibwe leader on that video.


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