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I feel like I hit the lottery!

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  • I feel like I hit the lottery!

    Oh my gosh! I was having a bad day today, one of those days that everything is just plain weird LOL until the wife of the guy that has been saving me coppenhagen lids walked into where I work. She had half a garbage bag of lids for me!! There has got to be at least 300 lids in there!! I couldnt belive it! She asked a couple drivers at her work to bring in any lids they had laying around...well, I guess 2 of the guys musta been saving them for a while (back when they got money for the lids) and they brought all these lids in for me! I'm amazed, and totally blown away over it!

    I feel like I should do something special for this guy and his wife. Its been 5 months now that he has been bringing in his lids for me, and now his wife is hitting all the drivers up for lids too! What do you think would be a fitting 'thankyou' gift for something this thoughtful? I dont have alot of cash (why I went with coppenhagen lids - I cant afford to buy premade lids!) But I definately feel they deserve a huge thank you! I probably have enough now not only to finish my dress, but make another! LOL Any suggestions? They asked only for a photo of me in the dress when its finished, but they deserve way more than that!

    I cant wait to start counting LOL I can just imagine the blisters I'm going to get from cutting and rolling all of them LOL :-)!!

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    Well, perhaps a craft that you have personally made might be an appropriate thank you gift. I dont know, perhaps beadwork of some sort ?



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      Ever cool! I am happy for you. How about just a simple heartfealt thank you note? Tellin them why you are so happy, and that it means alot to you?


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        Make some snacks they can take on the road, you know like cookies or something. I don't know a man who wouldn't like that!


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          Homemade cookies are a good idea.

          What I sometimes do is buy some full cans of Cope to give to the guys that save their lids for me.
 is what it is...


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            Ohhh baking is a good idea LOL Never thought of that! Thats an excellent way to thank all the guys that are saving the lids! As for Bob and his wife, I dont really know them personally, so I'm so confused since I dont know what they like, or what theyre house is like, but I'm sure they would appreciate a basket. Great ideas everyone, thanks! I think I was thinking to hard again, overlooked the obvious!

            Still havent tackeled the bag yet, Gonna start counting soon!


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              Well, the final numbers are in LOL I was waaaay off! There was 509 lids in the bag! Bad new, probably 50 or so I wont be able to use because they are rusted pretty bad. But over 400 usuable lids is awesome!


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