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where to buy a nice fan?

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  • where to buy a nice fan?

    hey i really need help findin a new fan! i want a real nice one.hmmm....i REALLY like the kinds of fans they use for native american church..they are pretty nice! but if you know where to find or i mean buy something like that, please let me know some info for it. thanks a bunch....

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    well ceremonial fans you cant buy...and shame on the person if they sell them...
    now fans for dancing in powwows like womens tradish it all depends on weather or not women in your tribe uses flat, tail or wing fan....wing fans (for dancing in powwows) you can buy turkey pointers (bone and all) from
    you can also buy white turkey flats from and then docorate it up with thread work ...theres a thread on here how to do thread work..


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      okay hold on you havent specifiedyour tribal affiliation so are you a dancer thats looking for a fan? or you married into a tribe and youve been given persmission to dance? or are just a non native who just wants a fan in general? cuz if you want a fan just because its kewl or just pretty cuz its indian a little advice dont buy one or make will offend offense


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        As corny as it sounds....

        Check around on e-bay. I have made good friends with a lady who hand makes beautiful fans and then does the beadwork on the handle in any color you want. She sells them for around $45 each. I'm sure she would also take custom orders. Search on ebay for her. Her name is fansofmanybirds or you can just search for "Native American Fan (I Will Bead)" and it should bring up her fans. She posts new ones daily. I have ordered a fan to gift to my friend for Christmas and one for myself. They are absolutely beautiful. She also has examples of her beadwork on each auction listing. Hope this helps!


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          I have to say I'm wondering why you need a fan. If you want one like from the Native Am. church, then you should be a part of that in which case you wouldn't need to ask.

          if your a ndn & you dance in powwows, by first suggestion would be put out tabbacco. It works. I have been dacing a while & didn't have a fan. I just had nightmares about looking after one around my 4

          So they've grown up a bit & I felt our family was ready for m eto have a fan. I but down tabbacco & that summer a Woman I knew ofered to make me a trade, she'd make me a fan & I'd make her beaded baby mocs.

          Trades, talking to your elders, it's a great way to do things & ot fels better too....just my opinion, not everyone feels the same


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