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History of the Jingle Dress

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  • History of the Jingle Dress

    What is the History of the Jingle Dress? Do you know?

    I have heard the creation story of the jingle dress, but there are many different variations of the story too?!
    Why do you raise your fan?
    Why do we wear plumes?
    When did jingle dress dance become?
    How did we go from raising our hands to using fans, and wearing plumes?
    Why do we use tobacco lids? Why not someting else (significance)?
    I began thinking of these questions, wondering if we as jingle dress dancers know the answers to these question? I went to a dance and self expression presentation and all these other dancers all have the history, reasoning of movements, etc..and made me think of the jingle dress dancer?

    Just a couple thoughts..tell me what you think? Share the knowledge...;)
    Qe' ci'yew yew

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    I know the tobacco lid thing! well we went to that when the men and women started chewing snuff, was easir to cut out than the prevois materials, Soup cans, tin sheets, beer cans, comad cans, as for the plumes and fans, they came into play probably around the time when being indian was cool...and when did dthe dress become? well around the mid 1800's it's pretty old i tell ya! bout as old as the food in the ice box!
    There can only be 2 moccasins on your feet at one time...however life has given me many pair...along with a needle, thread and really sharp teeth to cut with...lmao


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      The jingle dance became somewhere in the later 1800's or earlier 1900's. The origional colors of the dress were blue, yellow, green and red. I think the fan just came when someone decieded they didnt like raising hands or something, im not sure, probably trying to start a trend. Hope that helps


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        THe jingle dress has been around for many many years. You have to keep in mind that over the years, things have changed when it came to the dress.
        The whole things with fans and plumes, just like everything else has pretty much become a "trend."
        Wiconi Wakan Waste' Uha Winyan
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