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How many Jingles?!?!?

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  • How many Jingles?!?!?

    Some chics have the 365 Jingles on theyre dress and only 365, others have 4 more for the four directions, some have 365 plus theyre age.

    Whats up with that?!
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    Whatever fits...I'm not good wit figuring out how many to put where.....most my dresses have over four hundred cones with 7 rows.....but my new ones only have four to five rows.......I dunno how many cones yet.
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      i use 365 and divide it by the number of rows and that tells me how many jingles per row

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        I was told long ago that you should have 365 cones no more no less and that there should be 7 rows. My last dress I have 300 cones and I think 6 rows. LOL If I put anymore cones on there it would look crowded. I guess nowadays it's up to you how much you want and what you think looks good.
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 many people have told me so many different things that i ask my Lakota family....they told me that there should be 5 rows but im really sure....but they never said anything about the number of them. but i think that it's pretty much however many you like on the dress, anymore.....and what looks good on it....:Angel2
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            My uncle told me that I should have 366 cones. 365 for the days in the year, and 1 for myself.



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