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2003~who you watching for??

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  • 2003~who you watching for??

    What ladies are you lookin out for in 2003?
    Up and comers both teens and womens?

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    its tough to say because there is alot of ladies out there who tear it up! so i guess we are gonna have to wait and see
    ~how u want that? tell me how u want that~baby how u wanna give it to me? a bad boy iz whut i need uh huh~


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      I'm looking forward to this summer to see all the up and comers! Challis Beetso is one I'll be watching for ...I think she's in ladies now so it will be cool to see how she does.


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        Man..all them good youngin are comin up into womens now and I'm still home workin on my stuff......I'll deffinetly be hittin the trail big time next year.....waitin for my friend to turn 18 and graduate high school....then we will get a car and we will be off powwowin excited,cant wait!!!!!!
        ~* Tha ONE and ONLY RAE RAE..dont let cheap imitations fool you*~


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          I'm looking forward to seein Taria Aubid (Goodsky) tear it up, heard she's gettin some new dresses,;) some others too, and i'm now looking forward to seeing Shelda Tom get shufflin the side step again! she used to be my Idol back when i was like 10...and also...maybe me lmao
          There can only be 2 moccasins on your feet at one time...however life has given me many pair...along with a needle, thread and really sharp teeth to cut with...lmao


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            as a jingler , i will be watching out for:
            teresa spoonhunter, she should be back in tha groove after her baby
            acosia redelk: she's got her own style
            tahnee williams: i think she'll do pretty good
            dorthy crowfeather; got the smooth steps
            rena whitecloud; just made her way into womens
            henrietta sccalplock
            hopefully i can do well against these ladies, man , i gotta get on here too hopefully.oh and i cant forget tha other new ladies who are gonna have a good year.


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              for teens i would have to say dabeny morin all the way. for ladies i would say theresa spoonhunter, alana tootosis and umm that one dancer from morely i forgot her name. but also the new champs of 2003.


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                I would have to agree with you on Dabney Morin.....the girl is soo smooth and she has a style all her own! And to boot, her mom makes some kewl dresses for her!


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