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  • Adding a new color?

    I will be making one with a new color added. How do you add an extra color?
    My new dress is like a burgundy color I want to add black fabric designs on the cuffs part as well as to the bottom of the dress.

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    I am guessing you are asking about how to add some applique designs to your dress.

    This is much easier to do before the dress is sewn together. If your dress is already sewn together, you will likely have to undo the seams at the sleeves so the cuffs can lay flat for sewing. The skirt may or may not also need the side seams undone.

    Now to make your appliques...
    Get some satin or taffeta for your design fabric.
    Get some Heat-n-Bond Lite. Make sure its the Lite one in the purple roll.
    Make a template for each your design elements from stiff paper.
    Trace template onto the dull, paper side of your Heat-n-Bond.
    Cut out with 1/2 inch margins around your drawing.
    Iron onto back of your satin or taffeta according to package directions.
    When cool, cut out your design.
    Iron design onto your cuff or skirt hem.
    Machine sew around the raw edges of the design with a closely spaced zigzag stitch. The thread color can match or contrast.
    Repeat for each design element.

    If your skirt fabric is very thin and might pucker when sewing, I recommend you get a piece of freezer paper and iron the shiny side onto the back of the skirt fabric where you will be sewing. The freezer paper sticks temporarily to stabilize thin fabric for sewing. After sewing, just rip off the paper. There are other stabilizers you can use but freezer paper is plentiful and very cheap.

    I have described how I would apply applique but there are other methods and products that work just as well. I'm sure others will post here the techniques they recommend.


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