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do you dance old stlye?

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  • do you dance old stlye?

    how many of you ladies dance the old stlye dancing alot
    once a month
    twice a month
    seven times a year
    50 time or more a year

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    ~how u want that? tell me how u want that~baby how u wanna give it to me? a bad boy iz whut i need uh huh~


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      Sometimes, yea....:p
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        well i always dance old style cuz thats the only style i know how to do...thats the way my mama taught me....i know couple people who dance old style all the time so i guess im not the individualist...but hay is all good...not all of us old stylers get recognized enough...-becca


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          lemme clarify here on the last post...i wuz meanin its all good even though i only know one style....wuz lookin at my previous post and thinkin ya guys may thinki sayd its good not to be recognized as a old style dancer when its not wut i was tryin to im clarifying myslef so ya guys dont say wuh? -becca


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            Old style is the only way...for me...and when I do get compliments on my dancing, I think that's worth more than $$ and I usually pray before I dance...for those who are sick whether it's in my family or in the arena...I didn't go through ceremony...etc. but I do think that it is a very special type of dance..especially when you hear that right song and the right beat you almost fly out there. That is the greatest healing for me..everytime I make thru a song(s) that keeps me keep on dancing..for everybody. I usually join contests..but I just dance for the pleasure of it..for the people.


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              Little unsure of old stlye and new style... I dance what feels right, and as for the options... I couldn't say 50 times a year, because I dont 'think I hit that many pow wows.... maybe who knows.

              all's fair in love and pow wow.... see ya around


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                I prefer the older style. Jingle Dress footwork is becoming more fancier as time goes by. Gimme Evelyn Tom


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                  i love dancing old style...i danced one weekend at hinckley and imagined my plumes were connected to Creator..i felt good and my jingles were right with the drum..i won a special! :) i was having it is fun dancing that way..once in awhile i do a fancy step but my feet don't go way yeah, most times i dance old style...


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                    i would have to say that i prefer old style, its so much more graceful!!!
                    its a shame that so many people dont even know the difference.
                    lately at the powwows alot of new comers and wannabees are coming up with a bunch of crap about how to and how not to lady told me that you cant do backward dance moves, and another one tried to tell me that you cant do a circle move during the dance and that you had to raise your fan in a sweeping motion......... i was drinking water when she said this and i almost spit it out laughing!!!

                    i cant believe all of the ridiculous rules that people are trying to make up about the jingle dance! i just laughed and i had to tell her that i had never heard of anything like that, and i've been dancing for a while.

                    the worst part is if i myself had been new to dancing i would have believed her. :NoNo :)
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                      I'm too old to hardly dance a 2step anymore so I am not asking for myself but just cause I love to watch all dance styles (and also cause sometimes at a real small powwow I am asked to judge cause the other women may have relatives contesting, and I base my decisions more on dance ability than outfits) will one of you ladies describe old style to me? is it always on toes?
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