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How do you wash your outfit?

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  • How do you wash your outfit?

    I was wondering how to wash my jingle outfit my cat spilled my can of coke on it while I was working on it I was just going to stick it in the washer and then realized I had almost all of my cones on it so I couldnt stick it in there what do I do?
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    Some dresses will be just fine going through the washing machine, but I guess it all depends on what type of material it is. Some peeps (if its broad cloth) just turn em inside out and put them into a pillow case and into the washer. But like I said, it all depends on the material and what kinda design work is on it. How does everyone else do it?


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      I usually just turn mine inside out and put it in a pillow case.


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        Depending on what kind of material it is you can usually wash it. No cones will come off, I just turn it inside out and throw it in! If you did not wash your material before you made the dress the color of the material may run!! So make sure you wash it in cold water!!!


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          eek!! i know how those cats are i got three that do that all the time...well what i do is use a large linen bag with the zipper...turn the dress inside it in the bag and then wash it in cold water with woolite..on gentle cycle...then hang dry it..and use the fabric softener that comes in spray bottle of downey...that seems to work good...


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            I got the cola stain out my mom had some stuff she used I forgot what it was called oxy- something and then she threw it in a pillow case and put it in the washer and its hanging in my yard drying any ways it took the stain right out I appreciate all the help I got from you guys THANKS A BUNCHIES! :D
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