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  • Jingle dress no-no's

    Here is one that I absolutely hate to see... this is of a woman..not young girl and she is a contest winner.

    So come on ladies.. how about being a little more discreet. ;) :Angel2
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    ICK! I agree. I know that alot of dancers make their outfits like that ( I'm one of them) because it saves material and $! BUT if your gonna do it that way PUH-LEEZE make a underskirt that you can wear under all your dresses. C'mon do it for us! Ayyee!


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      hmmmm.... I don't like showing too much (yall know what i mean). I think if I wore a dress w/o an underskirt and/or tights I'd have a blanket or somethin to cover up when I'm sittin down. Then again, that's just me.
      SHAKE IT!!!!


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        i dont have underskirts for my dressez i jus wear shorts under em, but i usually have like a jacket or a blanket to cover up my legz...
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          I dont make under skirts on my dresses but when I sit down I cover my legs. I guess some people should do the same!


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            What do yall think of them Jinglers who bump and grind to Smoke Dance remixes? I've seen girls do booty bounces, the butterfly, etc...
            Got percap?


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              man!! somebody gotta've said something to her about it?
              all my jingle dresses has underskirts....its just me the way i was taught that its proper to have one...and you never show your legs at a powwow... its like wearing tank tops at grande entry...if i dont have a underskirt i just feel practically naked...


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                Help with Jingle dress outfit

                Excuse me if I must ask. But I have a question in making a jingle dress outfit. Its for my little girl. The question is do I have put the design and jingle cones on before I sew the dress together or what? Do I have to sew the dress together then do the design and the cones. A little bit confused. It maybe a dumb question but not afraid to ask for help.


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                  well its easier to first buy rolled cones and make sure theirs enough opening by useing an awl right through the jingle...the string bias tape through the jingle and crimp it.... then after cutting out the pattern (useing cotton/poly material) before any sewing or basteing pin the ribbon on according to the design you would like(ex:rick rack, straight,) and sew the top part of the grow grain ribbon with a sewing machine (only top part first)..
                  then take the jingle/bias tape and place underneath the sewed ribbon about 1/8 inch or enough so that the jingle wont fall out but enough to show over an inch or bias tape...and machine sew each part of bottom part of ribbon/jingle..... then when your done with all the jingles/ribbon machine sew the dress together.... by the way if you have lighter material then you need to double it or use this binding so that the dress wont tear ....


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                    What about those jingle dress dancers who unzip their dresses and let them drop on the ground to step out of them. These are the dancers who wear t-shirts and bike shorts under their dresses, they don't even find a tent or something to change in.

                    I was taught to respect my dress and never let it touch the ground.
                    I have seen too many dancers drop their dresses on the ground and I shudder at the sight.


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                      really? wow. I lay down a blanket, step on it, then take my dress off. I don't even like my dress to touch the floor, let alone the ground.
                      SHAKE IT!!!!


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                        Originally posted by ojibwe-kwe
                        What do yall think of them Jinglers who bump and grind to Smoke Dance remixes? I've seen girls do booty bounces, the butterfly, etc...
                        are u talking about just one person in particular??? ...:Thinking
                        ~*~¤(¯`·._» >The Prettiest People do the Ugliest things <«_.·´¯)¤ ~*~


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                          For every no good woman there is a no good careful


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                            Re: HEHEHEHE

                            Originally posted by Samatha
                            haha yeah....all freaky n shyt ayeeee........
                            ~*~¤(¯`·._» >The Prettiest People do the Ugliest things <«_.·´¯)¤ ~*~


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                              OK... there is a gurl who competed against me at a powwow and well she got first place... Well lemme tell you that pic looks just like her only she was worse. her biker shorts were really short and lemme say she wasn't little either.. well, i got 2nd place and i could have swore she was a fancy shawler with her moves.... Gr and she won over me! god, here i am, hiking up my jingle skirt when i sit down bu i have an under skirt that covers all my legs... and i am carefull about that. i don't even show leg when i am dancing.... AARGH it makes me so mad! what happend to tradition?

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