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Making a jingle dress

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  • Making a jingle dress

    Hi everyone, I have a question in making a jingle dress. Do i have to work on the design and cones before sewing the dress or what? Do I have to the dress first and then the design. How many dress altogether. How do I do the leggings? If someone would help. The dress is for my little girl. she's three....thanks

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    Making dresses

    I make my own dresses, but I would like to know what other jingle dress dancers do. First, I draw my dress, color it, and design it, then I cut it out, then start designing it...during this I sew on the ribbon from which my jingles will hang and then sew the design etc...then I sew on each jingle.
    Now, I've heard of some people sewing on the bias tape then after the dress is all sewn then attaching the cones....?
    What do you all do? Which is easiest, fastest? Please fill me in..thanks!
    Qe' ci'yew yew


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      dresses and beadwork

      Okay, another question, do you all make your dresses to match your beadwork, or do you make them any colors, regardless of the matching??
      Qe' ci'yew yew


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        I cut out the dress and designs and sew them on first. Then I sew on the bias tape. I complete all the sewing on the dress before I put the cones on.

        This way is easier and faster for me to put the bias tape first instead of sewing on each individual jingle.


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          Re: dresses and beadwork

          Originally posted by nativenunez

          Okay, another question, do you all make your dresses to match your beadwork, or do you make them any colors, regardless of the matching??
          it'd be kinda silly if you were out there in a dress that didnt match ur outfit now wouldnt it?
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            HA HA--Matching dresses

            Yeah it does sound kinda funny doesn't it, the concept of someone making a new dress that does not match their beadwork? Makes you go Hmm.....But you know what, it happens-- Next time you're at a powwow, open your eyes and look...
            Gosh, I've seen some adult woman with dresses that don't match their beadwork, also some adult woman with dresses where their rows of jingles are not straight, or their ribbons on their dress that hold the jingles on, are TOTALLY not question is why would you wear it? That is another JINGLE NO NO!
            Qe' ci'yew yew


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              The way i make all my dresses, is that i first do all the designs and sew them on first. Once they are all in place, then i lay out how i'm going to do the cones. I use that heat n bond tape to tape down the double fold bias tape first... then i take the bias tape strings and sew them under that double fold bias tape... I never put the cones on until the entire dress is sewed together. When the cones are attatched and you still have to sew the dress together it's so heavy when you have to push the material through the machine. Plus it's easier not to have the cones attatched, if you mess up with your measurements and are stuck with your bias tape not being even at the seems, then it's easier to correct that when the cones are not already attatched. I HATE TO SEE WHEN THE BIAS TAPE IS SEVERLY OFF AT THE SEEMS!!! It looks so horrible to me.....

              I hope that made a sense.

              Good luck!


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                yaaa thats how you do IT! I use those paterns for christmas dress's and make some of the parts up as i go along then that sits there for about a month LOL jokes okay maybe 2 weeks then i come up with a design heat and bond all thats stuff and sew it on part takes the longest .. sew it all together then put the jingles on at the end i have a color i use for all my designs and thats blue or turqouse your designs dont have to be the color maybe white but you can use diffrent color thread to keep that same coherance (color) in your outfit


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                  sewing on jingles--more information appreciated

                  Okay this may be another bonehead question, but its just because I make my dresses a bit different..
                  lets say the dress is all sewn, and we have done it with sewing on the bias tape for the jingles...k---now how do you get the already rolled jingle on the bias tape and getting them to lay straight? also when you sew the bias tape on the dress do you sew it with a knot it in already?
                  Qe' ci'yew yew


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                    The really thin bias tape is what connects the cones to the dress... I knot the thin bias tape and then i space them a half inch apart in the double fold bias. Sew that down. Again once the entire dress is sewn together with designs and everything...then i put the cones on it..usually the hole at the top of the cone is large enough to slip over the knot, if not just use your pliers and pull it through then crunch it.

                    Insofar as the cones laying straight down, they will lay straight down even if some of your strings aren't sewn evenly due to the weight of the cone.


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                      I have white beadwork but I make dresses and designs that Flatter the beadwork. I try not to have the same exact design on every dress ...


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                        What I do is sew up the dress first and then I sew the jingles onto double fold bias tape (I make my own) after I tied them onto bias. I use those fabric pens or tailors chalk that will wash out. I draw my designs on the dress and sew on the jingles which are already attached to the bias tape.

                        What works best for me to keep things straight is a quilters ruler, It has grids and angles on it. You can get it in different lengths and sizes. I have one that's 6 inches wide and 24 inches long. It works to keep things striaght.


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                          Hello Ladies.........
                          Thanks for ALL the great tips...I appreciate you all taking the time to post information for's nice to have support - you know if you're stumped on something, you can post your thoughts/problem and within at least a day someone has posted helpful info....
                          We are such awesome people!!
                          Qe' ci'yew yew


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