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    I am looking for ideas on the owtline for my new dress. I have the design in mind, but have no good patterns to go on and the one that crazy crow sells, it def. not what I am looking for. I want a 1 piece w/o sleeves. I will add those myslef. If anyone knows anyone who can help me please PM or email me. I either would like to make the dress outline myself or pay someone who can do a better job than I have had success at or find a pattern number that is helpful. Thanks!
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    You can use a button up shirt for a pattern. That's what I always do. Turn it inside out, or take it apart. Don't forget about seam allowances.

    Of course, make sure that the shirt you use fits like you want your dress to. is what it is...


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      Thanks Wyo for your help. I am going shopping tonight to find a shirt with the cut that I am looking for in a dress. Thanks so much for your help.
      What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!!!!


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        I once helped my friend's daughter make a dress out of a satin western shirt. I think it was a man's shirt cuz it was kinda long, and we added a skirt to it and designs. is what it is...


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          With Easter coming up, the fabric stores are having sales. You can get some sewing patterns for .99 cents each. Might be cheaper than buying a shirt to cut up, lol! Look for a simple dress pattern among the patterns rated Very Easy. McCall's #5502 is one possibility. Once you have the basic dress outline, you can tinker with it to suit your taste.


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