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Favorite Jingle Dress Dancer?

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  • Favorite Jingle Dress Dancer?

    I like April Clairmont. I've only seen her dance once but she was so light on her feet it looked like she was floating. I was like wow!:)

    Who do you like?
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    Yvette Ewalk
    Tarissa Spoonhunter
    Dorothy Crowfeather
    Sharon Eagleman
    Tahnee Williams
    Don't ever stop dancing


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      Gotta give it up for muh girls Dorothy Crowfeather and Sharon Eagleman! Oh yeah.....and me! LOL


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        I would have to say one of my best friends Tahne Rutledge. Because i love watchin her dance and she is teachin me at the moment so she won my vote!!
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          Shannon George :Angel: Marie Dreaver :Angel: Summer Begay :Angel: Wenona ? :Angel: Heyadancer :Angel:

          Oh and Yvette Ewalk, Jennifer Hamilton, Denise One Star, Gladys Two Eagle, and Sheena LeGarde :)
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            1. ME
            2. ME
            3. Marlen Seret (???)
            4. Molly
            5. APRIL

            all's fair in love and pow wow.... see ya around


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              My faves are Shanda Hunter:) Shannon George Candice McCabe:Angel: LOL.... Ili Montoya;) that Sioux chick Wendy Brown:)


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                My favourite Jingle Dancers are as Follows

                Top 10

                1) Gladys TwoEagle
                2) Jackie Klein
                3) Cassandra Redsky - My sis
                4) Alanna Tootoosis
                5) Bj Mcdaniels
                6) Rae Dawn Bison
                7) Grace Pushetonequa
                8) Willow jack
                9) Yvette Ewack
                10) Challis Beetsos


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                  I don't know the names of the dancers... but I do know 3-4 names... :) I could describe dresses BUT.. that would take forever!!

                  Alanna Tootoosis
                  Karen Pheasant
                  Jackie Klein

                  and Summer Begay.. I'm sure she's awesome. :p
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                    WOMENS JINGLE:

                    DAWANNA LAPLANTE
                    DORTHY CROWFEATHER
                    CHEPA TWO EAGLES
                    YVETTE EWALK
                    DENISE ONE STAR
                    ALANNA TOOTOOSIS
                    JENNIFER HAMILTON
                    SHANNON BEETSO
                    LILLAN GADWA

                    TEENS JINGLE:
                    YOKLOT CORNELIUS
                    EMMA M.
                    CANDICE McCABE
                    CHALLIS BEETSO
                    KENDRA REDHOUSE
                    SHEENA LaGARDE
                    JOVELLE PACHECO


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                      Originally posted by Jinglin Chica
                      :Angel: Heyadancer :Angel:


                      Awwwwww.....thanx gurl! You know whats up!


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                        Willow Jack
                        Shanda Hunter
                        Roweena Roberta
                        Yvette Ewalk,
                        Jennifer Hamilton


                        Lana Waterchief
                        Sheena LaGarde
                        Challis Beetso
                        :NoNo Cant win all the time

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                          THESE GIRLS KICK SOME JINGLE BOOTY

                          Shanda Hunter
                          Rowena Roberta
                          Willow Jack

                          Someone should put up here WORST jingle dress dancer and that award would go to powwowchic49 cuz she dances like a dog who just got stuck to a local MUTT :devil
                          today Mah IS on!!!!!!


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                            Someone should put up here WORST jingle dress dancer and that award would go to powwowchic49 cuz she dances like a dog who just got stuck to a local MUTT :devil [/B][/QUOTE]

                            damm...thats funney....

                            but fav right now is tahnee
                            thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

                            *RoUg3 MoD sTaTuS*


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                              C'mon Injunboy ya dirty dog, you probably got a million jingle favorites :p


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