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    Oops, but still in need of prayer.

    Originally posted by Suzizila View Post
    Hello everyone!

    I just found out today that my mom will be going through cataract surgery this week. Please pray that the surgery will go well. she only has really good vision in one eye because of having a tumor behind the other one when she was a baby. Her name is Judy.


    Hi all,

    I made a mistake with the date of my mom's surgery. It isn't until the 7th of November. Please keep her wrapped up in prayers.




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      I shell dance and have her in my prayers. I am in Arizona and this weekend we have a powwow in Scottsdale, she will be among the many we dance for..Many Blessing your way :)


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        Originally posted by Liberty View Post
        I shell dance and have her in my prayers. I am in Arizona and this weekend we have a powwow in Scottsdale, she will be among the many we dance for..Many Blessing your way :)
        Thank You for thinking of my mom.


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          Sending Prayers with Peace and love,for the son of the jingle dancer.


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            Urgent Prayers Needed

            I received these prayer requests today.

            1) Please pray for little Jaylee (the little baby girl that I posted pictures of beaded shoes I did for her). She is the great grand-daughter of friends & was rushed to the hospital because she stopped breathing, was revived(but was bleeding from her nose)
            There were all sorts of tests done & a spinal tap. Now she has rapid breathing while awake & normal breathing while in deep sleep. Please pray for Jaylee & her parents.

            2) Please pray for Georgina, who is pregnant & began bleeding.

            3) Please pray for my friend,Julie Y.'s father, who is in the hospital.



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              i am dancing this weekend and will pray for them.


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