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  • How long?

    How long did it take you to finish your beadwork?

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    A long........ long...... time. I'm still working on it. It's taking me like two years now.

    But of course, I got college, 6 kids and a household to run as well. I'm hoping to get it all done for this powwow season.


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      I started two sets in Nov (It's May) and I finished one in March, almost done with the second one - and I work full time with the Army, and have two part time jobs and a daughter. I bead at night til about 11:00 sometimes later if I have a deadline - oh yeah, I made 4 dresses and did a choker order during that time too.
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        Let's see I started my new set in March......did the back barrette, choker, earrings, hairties, smaller beaded side barrette, beaded rings, starting the leggings. Trying to get them done by the end of June for the start of my pw season. As for my belt, I get that made by someone else. I can't wait to wear my new outfit. :rainbw: Oh yeah! And also beaded a matching purse. I gotta get the leggings done soon but not looking forward to means beading nonstop for the next few weeks.:Mad


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          Well My first set took almost 2 yrs, but the one I just started is goin' sooo much faster! I started it Sat. night -n- I already got the hairties, barrettes, and choker done. I'm just finishing up the cuffs then I'll start on the big stuff!


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            if i work all the time it takes about 2-3 months...


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