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  • dilema

    hay i'm in a dilema here...i wanna do something new to my jingle dress....basically my whole dress is barberry red....what i wanna do is change the color of the cuffs and hips of the dress with a black color... and ofcourse leaving the rest of the dress in barberry red do you go about changing that?please explain it in steps to me cuz im not the worlds expert seemstress..
    i'm planning on putting applique on it too.. many thanks,becca

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    I would suggest making a new dress, maybe recycle your jingles and put em on a newer one, that way it will look probably better then if you just added new fabric onto older fabric if you know what I mean ;)

    Either that or if you really wanted to keep your dress /... for the hips part you gotta open up the seams at the sides so that when you put on the other part i looks as though its a part of the dress, and for cuffs if theres some on there take em off and add the new ones, Im kinda lazy to type today, lol... sorry if Im no help :(

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      I've put a whole new bottom to my skirt before. Boy was it a pain in the A$$. I cut the whole bottom off and ironed on the skirt with the top. My dress has about a month worth of applique. It took me three months to sew. I was able to do that cause the top has no cones , just applicque. It turned out ok. It just depends on what kind of shape the dress is in. I would just make a new one myself. I believe in recycaling the cones too. Pm me if you have anyother questions. I sew a lot too.:Angel: Good luck


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