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  • Knees

    Just over the winter I've been noticing that my knees are really starting to make this weird creakin and poppin sounds and I find it's getting worse as time goes on. Been to the doctor and he just says it happens to women my age and never bothered to tell me anymore.

    Anyone ever had this problem? I need some advice for the better health of my knees, cause dancing means a lot to me and I don't want to quit.

    I'm also worried that I'm going to be out there jammin real good and my knee pops out and I will be done for the summer.

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    It happens to me all the time, Im 23 and dont really worry bout it. Makes everyone freak out though when I do crack them. I still dance my knees dont hurt they just crack a lot, I was even in Tae Kwon Do for a couple years and they never popped out, lol.

    But if you still dont feel comfortable I would get knee braces. those should help with support. uh huh thats what I would do.

    But good luck and I doubt your legs are gonna fall apart on you.. :)

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      yeah, im 21 and my knees and ankles do that. older people get a real kick out of listening to them crack lol. but i don't think its nothing to really worry about. usually when i stretch when i get up in the morning they crack, so maybe its from being stiff (???) i dunno.
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        I think when your joints are being used more they tend to snap snap crackle and pop more. I spent almost 7 yrs in karate, 2 yrs in basket ball and 1 yr in track. my knees and ankles always pop and creak when i get up or use them a lot. Then I was in tennis for 2 yrs and my shoulders and wrists snap and crackle to. lol Im afraid of whgen i get older. But truthfully stretching helps a lot and there are certain exercises you can d oto strengthen your joints. If it bothers you. I dontknow that the creaking will stop though If you need any help let me know.
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          Mine crack too. Makes all my friends a little sqimish.:( I've been to the doc a couple of yrs ago about this problem. He told me it has to go with our shape , with being a female and all. In my teens I had really muscular thighs. After a while of not being as active they deteirorate. Your knee cap rubs against your thigh bone and eventually causes a bit of pain. He suggested that I start some weights, gave me a gaint blue rubber band to strenghten that muscel. This is common with women. Hope this helps.


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            Thanks a bunch guys.

            I'm going to try a number of things like take extra calcium and glucosamine. I went to my chiropractor and he adjusted the joint for me which did reduce some of the noise and I'm going to try strengthing the mucsles around the joint and see if that helps.

            Has anyone tried anything to help thier knee problems out? How did it work?


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              i wouldnt worry about it...but i would still take care of your 26 and i still get knee first i thought it was cuz of me lifting weights during cross country and track in high school...but i found out that its just nothing...heres some suggestion make sure absolutely make sure you get enough calcium in your diet....and stretch morning and before you go to bed and before and after you run or jog outside...stretch before you dance at powwows even for fast walking only make sure you stretch..its just wakeing up your joints so you dont be so stiff...even knee therapy might help...the doctor will give you bunch of exercises to do and how often to do them and colored large stretchy bands...


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                Hey girl!

                I tried the glucosamine.... my 70 year old cousin swears by it but because my system is so sensitive I can't take it.... but I can take the calcium chews...

                BUT I did find something that works. It's called Pilates for everybody by Denise Austin. I have the book, video, and the band. It's the only workout I've done that doesn't hurt..... and my joints aren't creaking as bad.... I've improved my flexibility.:devil :p :Chatter :o and I'm toning up so it's pretty decent for me. Low impact so it's not hard on ya. With fibromyalgia I really needed something like that. It's purdy goot. Check the book out from the library first and try a few of em.... if it works for ya then ya could buy it! Saves ya cash in case ya don't like it.
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                  that happens to me too and im only gonna be 16. if i sit too long with my knees bent then they really hurt.


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