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  • differences in patterns

    i just got my pattern laid out and i was wondering if most dresses are seperated from top and bottom and then sewn together with the seam around the stomach or is there a way to make a dress as a whole and with the seams on down the sides,, which way is better. Please let me know before i go through with the one i got.. all suggestions are APPRECIATED. igwien -rhonda

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    I've seen it done both ways. Which one kinda depends on the look you want. One factor is how long you want your dress to be and how much fabric you have to work with. Another is if you want the bodice portion and skirt to be two separate colors or fabrics. I've made a lot of jingle dresses and I prefer to have the seams down the sides. I learned the hard way that placing a seam across the stomach is not a good idea for heavy skirts with lots of jingles. Weak fabrics like some brocades and lighter satins will pull apart at that seam, they just can't hold up the weight of the jingles. So if you use this method, do make sure you are using sturdy fabric, like cotton and a smaller amount of jingles on the skirt.


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      Probably your best bet will to be making the dress with side seams. Czechy has a good point about it possibly ripping out if you sew the seam across the middle. Here's what you can do. Get a pattern for a dress that isn't too tight anywhere and is wide enough to dance in at the bottom. Then you can use the dress pattern to make the basic dress format. Good luck!!


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        You can do it either way, I too would prefer to have the seams down the sides. All you have to do to reinforce any fabric so to use a backing layer, or lining fabric. I agree that using better quality fabrics is the way to go. I just attained a dress and it was made with crapping and cheap costume type satin, which is too bad because I had to take all the appliques and cones off of it and trash the dress. Oh well, I think redoing the dress will pay off when its all done and said.


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          pattern alteration

          if i have the pattern that calls for a seam across the stomach can i disreguard the stomach seam and still sew down the sides of the pattern? how far should the jingles be apart?


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            You could always make a two piece dress. Your belt will cover the top of your skirt and bottom of your shirt. It will still have the effect of one piece.

            then u could mix and match the skirt and top with other tops and skirts.
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              I think it would just be easier to get another pattern than go changing it. Superndngyrl is right, you could make it two pieces as another option. I have a three jingle dresses that are a skirt and a shirt and you can't tell with a belt on.


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                I have a jingle dress that is one piece with the seems down the sides. I got a little heavy over the summer in the hip area and the dress does not fit me anymore. is there a way to let the dress out in the bottom of the skirt area without ruining the entire dress?


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                  I think you could add applique on the sides, which will also help to cover the new seams. :)
                  The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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                    Originally posted by superndngyrl View Post
                    I think you could add applique on the sides, which will also help to cover the new seams. :)
                    SHAKE IT!!!!


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