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    I got the pattern for jingle dress at crazy crow and it gave me a series of patterns do you need to use all of them?
    i know the sleeves and the underdress i need to use. there is the pullover and the aprons, do i need to use them too? im not looking to make a flap dress or a stove pipe dress, just looking to make a nice long jingle dress with semi puff sleeves. This pattern type is confusing and never used it before. do i seriously need to use a vest or cape with mine?
    i know this is alot of questions.
    Also what is this attaching sequins through the cone, I never used sequins before so this is new to me? What could you add to the dress because mine has always been plain and also with ribbonwork and applique too, any suggestions?

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    LOL no kidding a lot of questions! Well, you never know unless you ask! If the pattern way is to confusing, I would suggest finding a jingle dress maker in person and asking them to show you some of the things you are asking. It might be near impossible to get it done on your own, otherwise! I mean, if you are going to put all this time, energy and money into making a beautiful dress that will last and last, you want to make sure it's done right, the first time!

    If you are still going to go it alone, I would just make practice dresses before using your precious final materials! Good luck, and post a pic when you get it all done!!
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      I bought one of those wierd patterns and it was just beyond me. I've been sewing since I was 5, but reading a pattern has never been a strong point. What I ended up doing was going to a fabric store and found a pattern that was close to what I wanted and made the changes needed. The dress was for my daughter whos 9 so I bought a jumper patter and just added sleeves to it.
      As for as sequins on the jingles no clue, most people use bias tape cut 3" long w/ a knot tied on one end, pushed througt the jingle and then clap the end so it doesnt fall off. Then you can use almost whatever kind of ribbon you want to attach them to the dress.
      As for the designs there are threads about how to do ribbonwork and applique. Good luck, I hope this help. You can't really ask to many questions that's one of the ways we learn.
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        No worries

        In this pattern, you have the underdress/ dress "D" pattern which is half a dress cut in its length. This is to be used as a full dress, or as an underdress if you chose to use the Aprons ("A"+"B"+"C") or Pullover "F".
        If you want a full dress with jingles on it, use only the parts "D" and "E". You will not need the rest. You can accomodate the pattern to add zippers on the side, so that you can sit down with ease. You will need to make a skirt style underdress (2 rectangles gathered with an elastic at the waist) or wear shorts though.

        However, you will find that using aprons ("B"+"C" together for the top apron and 2 x "A" for the back and front lower aprons) allows you to take the jingles off to sit down or walk around between dances.

        There is always the easiest option of doing the Pullover, which is in one piece.(4 x "F"). Like for the aprons, you can take it off to sit, walk around between dances.

        Missouri River Jingle pattern is the easiest around.
        Hope it helped.
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