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    What do you ladies think of having your fans be imitation eagle feathers from Crazy Crow? I'm considering ordering real feathers from the repository (also what do you think of that?), and since the wait time is about 3-1/2 years, to use imitation feathers.

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    i know im not one of the ladies,but,if you order loose feathers you can get those in just a few months but the feathers from crazy crow or found goose feathers could be good for a trial run on the fan youd like to you get the bugs worked out of your plans before you start the real deal.and it'd give you something to keep occupied while youre waiting for the postman

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      heheh...i know I'm not one of the ladiezz either,but if your gonna use imits.,there's a couple of people you oughta check out.One is Bob Bass,he's outta Texas and his website is imits.!and also Andrew Forsythe out of gentlemen are true artists in their craft and make some of the most realistic eagle feathers out there.And they're not stiff like painted feathers!Anyway hope I was of help.Good Luck....and keep smilin'1


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