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  • Jingle Dress Design

    I have been praying about this and here is the dress that I have come up with. It looks bright red and black but that's because I could only find those colors. The actual color scheme will be navy blue (where the black is) and a dark brick red (where the bright red is). The white trim around where the jingles are will be ivory ribbon, probably about an inch wide. The design on the sleeve is a diamond with a cross cutout in the middle. The diamond will be navy with ivory ribbon trim and the cross will be red.

    Opinions please....

    Thanks ladies for all of your help!

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    Oops....forgot to attach the pic!
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      Pretty neat design. But how would the upper half go across you?
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        I am not really sure. I've seen plenty of jingle dresses with jingles going across the top like that though so I figured we could get the placement right when are working on it.


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          oh ok. just wondering because it wouldn't look right on some women, ya know? lol.
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            I like it!
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              Thanks EP. I am hoping it looks alright when we get it done. That is, if we ever get started on it! My hubby has five cedar boxes that he hasn't finished yet and two ribbon shirts that are about half way done. LOL


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                One more question for you helpful ladies. I am trying to decide what material to make my dress out of. My hubby wants something traditional (i.e. muslin, broadcloth, calico print, etc.) but I am really thinking I would rather have it out of a bridal satin to give it a little bit of sheen. Any suggestions?


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                  Looks good so far. If it were me, I would add a couple more of your diamond designs to the skirt area and one on the bodice in that red triangle space on the left side of your drawing.

                  For fabric, you can do all satin or, to mix things up, make one main color satin and the other a calico print, a brocade or some other patterned material.


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                    I like the idea of more triangle designs but I am so tiny (only a size 6 in jeans and a small or medium in most shirts) that I am afraid more wouldn't fit or would look too busy. Plus, I'm only 5'3" so I was told by an elder that I should only use about 200 - 250 jingles so it wasn't too heavy and such. I am gonna try to fit at least 250 but we'll see. :) I want to do it right but I was told that the 365 thing is a new idea and that traditionally, you should use "just enough to make it sound good."

                    I am thinking I'll do a brocade for the navy and a solid satin for the red with ivory ribbon for the trim and to attach the jingles. I'm going to fully bead my leggings and applique bead my mocs. For my accessories, I know I need a back barrette, choker, earrings and hairties and I'd like to have a headband but is there anything else I need?


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                      You may be on the petite side but you can still add some diamonds if you want them. Just size them to the space you have and keep them in proportion to the rest of the dress and you'll be fine. Keep 'em simple if you prefer. I'm all for visual balance, which means that to my eye, a design on both sleeves should also be repeated somewhere else on the lower half of the dress, or on the leggings at the very least. Let us know what you decide to do.


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                        Ah, I thought you meant the triangle design at the top of my dress. I like the idea of the diamond design in other places. Maybe a row of small ones along the bottom? I hadn't thought of that but thanks for the suggestion. They will for sure be on my leggings.



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                          You got pics of your work so far?
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                            I haven't started on that dress and decided to put it on the back burner until i get the dress done that I saw in my dream. I will post the sketch of the new dress sometime soon but I have no clue when . Thanks everyone for their help.


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