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    Okay. I'm deciding how to do my dress and the BIG issue...what to do about sitting down.

    I've seen girls hike their dresses up and sit and I've seen girls wear an apron style that they flip when they sit.

    Anyone have preferences? I'm afraid I'll scare small children if I pull up my dress (of COURSE I'll wear shorts!!!) ;)

    I'm curious what you all think.
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    I myself prefer the kind a gotta hike up. The apron style tends toswing (i guess) when you dance.

    Usually you either sew on a underskirt or have one that you can wear under all your dresses. (for the style ya gotta hike up)


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      i prefer

      to make an underskirt (jingle right?) well, make an underskirt and at the bottom make a design to match your outfit and it will fit right in and you'll have to hike your dress up still but oh well.


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        I prefer the underskirt.....hiking it up will be fine....when done gracefully...ha ha ha. :Chatter


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          yup dont hike it up too high*roflamo*...but seriously i perferr underdress i know its a pain but i'd rather sitting down than stand up all day...i dunno about all of you but for me my legs would get very tiring...


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            On my dresses, they all have a slip underneath. One thing I have learned, although, is to make sure you incorporate your slip as part of your dress...i.e. put a row of jingles on it as it will be your last row.

            Another thing is to not allow kids, big or small, sit on your knees while you have your dress on. A couple of my jingles bent this past weekend and when I saw the results, I wasn't too happy. :Cry
            snaf, snarf!


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              I would definitely have an underskirt.

              I was taught that jingle dress dancers do not show their legs. If you have to hike your dress up, have something to cover your legs with while you sit down.


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