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  • I have a question :)

    ...hello and good day to all ....I wanted to know if you line the dresses,like when making a dress using sequin material , they call it the disco dot material that real sparkly stuff. Do u line it with another material even though your going to put a skirt underneath it anyways????Im referring to the bottom of the jingle dress, do u line that with another material or do ya just leave it ???? ;)


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    lol u mean that confetti do matterial? so many names for it.

    i always line it because it's see-through

    but i think that if ur gonna put a skirt underneath it, the dot material and the skirt should be atleast the same color
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      :) I will line the dress, if it is see thru, or if it is a bit stretchy, to help give it some stiffness when you sew on the rows for your cones. Or if I want it to be a little darker, I use a shade darker lining,


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        well im not the worlds best seemstress but can you define lineing? i never used sequined material before and had never lined my jingle dresses before...but i would like to try soemthing new...i hope this aitn a dense question...and how exactly do you go about lining it?...i heard from previous thread that you have use either wax paper or silicone spray for sequinned material..which is thee absolute best to use?i guess you would still call me a beginner at sewing*lol* -becca


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          what we mean by "lining" is if a certain material is sheer or see-thru, we would "line" the material with another material to make it not see-thru. it's just sewing a denser material to the back of whatever material is see-thru
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            Ok....So speaking from experience ladies using that type of method will work with this material?? OR are ya's just assuming...or you made a dress like this before.
            thnx anywho....

            hidatsachic24 lining a dress means cutting out another stronger material like broadcloth and sewing it to the inside part of ur dress. So its like cutting out another dress. Its just suppose to make tha dress stronger, espicially when ur using that glittery type of material , i find that material is real stretchy.
            But I was wondering if I do line tha dress at the bottom then do I also put a skirt underneath....nah mean....


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              Ok I just started a dress using this kind of material and yes I would suggest lining it because onse you start sewing your jingles on it might sag down in the middle. Nah mean? But I wont be sewing a underskirt on it because I already have one that goes under all my dresses.


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                yes, will work

                no, not assuming

                yes, i've made 2 dresses using that dot material.
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                  Thanx lady jinglers :) Ya'll tha greatest ;)


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