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    hey ladies
    advice please..i am going to make a headband and the beaded choker with a drop. i can bead anything doing all the different stitches except i dont loom. wanted to see if anyone had any helpful hints so i am not trying to reinvent the wheel. i've seen some cool headbands but wanted to know what ladies are beading them on, same with the choker. any advice would be much appreciated.
    take care

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    I've seen lots of girls with floral patterns in their headbands...with little flowers or butterflies connected with delicate and curvy leaves and vines. This way you can mold the headband into different shapes instead of just a straight strip like a hatband. I've found that geometric designs are more challenging to make look feminine, whereas flowers always look girly, ya know? I always do my beadwork in applique stitch (one needle) on cloth, then back it with thin buckskin. I don't edge stitch headbands and chokers because it pinches the neck and leaves funky indentions on your forehead! I just whip stitch the edges for reinforcement. I leave the fancy edge beading for the choker drop, hairties, and barrettes.

    Hope this helps!:Thumbs

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