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necessary for regalia?

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  • necessary for regalia?

    I just came across this forum by accident in my searchings for Jingle information. I've been hunting for someone to teach me about the Jingle Dress and the responsibilities that go along with it, but there seems to be no one available. I've come across things like putting your dress outside each season to absorb the power of nature to be intune with the creator, etc.

    What is necessary in the regalia? I mean besides the dress. There's the fan and mocs, a purse and scarf, leggings and barrette. If I'm missing anything let me know, or if it's wrong let me know. Theres also this feather ornament that I've seen that if you wear it on one side it means you' re married and the other side you're not...which side is which?

    I'm really confused about all of this and when I see Jingle Dress dancers I feel like I'm supposed to be out there with them and not on the side lines. I feel that I want to heal people by dancing. No one will tell me and the one person who was going to it ended up falling through 'cause they don't like me. Anyway, if any of you could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. :)
    The thunder of my heart and the lightning of my veins is what makes me come alive in the thunderstorm of creation. ~J

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    I'm sorry that you seem to have trouble but my sister always goes to Teresa Iyote (Oglala) from the Rosebud reservation. She gave my sister all the pointers but since she's a good family friend from our tribe you'll need to seek advisement in the same way.


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      Back is turned

      The light of the world is shining, shining down on we.
      The past knows no boundries and the future holds the key,
      but sad are we.
      There's nothing left to beat them, nothing left to prove...
      now fall and breathe the la la, la la la la, shine's hard to stay the same when you're blown in different directions. It's the voice that the soul makes.
      The thunder of my heart and the lightning of my veins is what makes me come alive in the thunderstorm of creation. ~J


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        Well, you're a good singer. Maybe you should sing with Bad Nation of the Bad Nation neighborhood of the Crow Creek Dakota Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. Because from my observation, you may not have the direction to dance if you need advisement from the internet.


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