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    Ok when u make ur own dress is it just a shirt and a skirt or is it a whole dress? if its a whole dress do u just make it like a regular dress? (besides the jingles and stuff) theres like no special way for the stiching and stuff?
    (im new to dancing and i want to learn to make my own dress since my mother cant find anyone who would have the time to make one for me) :Cry

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    I've made my dresses both ways. It just depends on the look you want. Personally, I prefer an overdress with a separate underskirt so I can mix-n-match. Yes, you want to do your applique and sew your jingles on before putting your dress together. There is a commercial pattern out there by Missouri River, I think, but I've never tried it. I simply bought a plain dress pattern from the fabric store and modified it a little. Hope this helps. I'll be happy to help if you have other questions.


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      well ive seen many styles of jingle dresses...since this is yar first i would recommend a jumper style that way ya can mix/match differnt blouses with different styles and colors and so it easy to slip on and so you can get used to the weight..when you put on the jingles it would look better to attach them to the skirt part bottom half of the dress rather than the can use any abric pattern pertaining to jumpers at any fabric store... or you can always go ahead and make the who entire dress but use a rap around like a flap dress a little...actually never made a flap dress before but ive seen it done..and have snaps on the wrap around that way ya can adjust it when ya need to..i would suggest buying whispering wind magazine no. 5 or 7 pertaining to jingle will give ya an idea or two on your jingle dress...your first jingle dress should be simple and then advance to your own tastes later on in life..also its very important first to get permission from an elder if you plan on dancing non-competitive...well i guess thats all i can think of for right now...but keep the q's coming...the more ya askk the more ya'll know..-becca


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        Ok cool! thank you for the information and the ideas! it helps alot :D


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