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  • material for jingle dress

    Does anyone have advice on the best/strongest material for jingle dresses? Thanks.

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    good quality cotton, n ot to thin & not broadcloth, although linning a thinner cotton with broadcloth would work. Some people use satin but when it comes to jingle I prefer to see a nice cotton


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      If you want shine, go with a cotton blend, or cotton/poly blend otherwise stick with a good cotton. Make sure you use washable fabrics only; it would be a pity to do all that cone and applique work to only see it get ruined when hand washed.


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        There are many choices of fabric for making into jingle dresses. Cotton, cotton blends, velveteen, heavier satin (like bridal or crepe-backed), and a wide array of synthetics. When considering a piece of fabric check how it will drape, its washability, breatheability, stretch, tightness of weave and whether it will hold up to the abrasion of metal jingles.

        I prefer not to line my dresses but if you find a thin fabric that you really like, it can be used if lined.


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