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  • Looking for Sponsor Advise

    Hello, I am new. I have had a dream of being a Jingle Dancer since I was little at my first pow wow. I was told it was a dream due to the fact I have no Native American Origins. Then I met a lady who called me Ji Ba Day (sorry phonetics) or Ghost Lady. She was going to sponsor me and teach me to Jingle Dance but I moved across the country. I really want this. I have taken a vow long time ago to be a natural healer, working towards my Phd, and also my certifications in massage. This was what I needed. So please if anyone has any information they can pass down to me, I am a sponge let me learn. I know the Jingle Dancer is the dancer of healing and that is what I want to do. Dancing is my second nature. I know and understand what it is I am asking for, yet I am still asking. Thank you for your time and any information you might have.

    Naperville, Il

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    What made you start dancing?
    by Selina
    What made you start dancing?

    Your mother?
    Your granny?
    Your sister?

    And who tought you to dance?

    07-04-2002, 06:36 PM
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    New Jingle Dancer
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    Ahnee all you Jingle Dancers!

    I am new to this forum. I am of Iroquois ancestry (Cayuga-Onieda) and have been dancing traditional dances since I was a young girl, long before it was "cool to be 'Indian'". Unfortunately, I gave up dancing when I was about 16, and other things...
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    Looking for Understanding
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    I am looking for elders who can help me understand what has been going on with me lately. I have been seeing Jingles at some of the gatherings and pow wows I have attended recently. I have been seeing them for about a year now. I have spoken to my elders who have directed me to...
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    Identity Confusion
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    I apologize for making one of these types of threads, but I would really appreciate advice in this anonymous setting.

    Lately I am feeling like I should give up everything regarding my native identity. I have done these things since I was seven, learning languages,...
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    by laurellblake
    First I would like to say hello to all who are reading this post. I have a few very important questions to ask. I mean no disrespect to anyone and if I do so I apologize ahead of time. I dance southern cloth the way I have been taught from my mother and grandmother. A couple of week s ago I had...
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    Old School womens costumes vs New Order style
    by notly1988
    I took a number of years away from the powwow circuit while building my life and career in the white world and upon return I have noticed to some discomfort the many changes in the dress of my tribe. For women gone are the traditional old school shawls (with intricately woven fringes and heavier fabric)...
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