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Jingle and Fancy - One Dress?

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  • Jingle and Fancy - One Dress?

    I am going to post this in both the jingle and fancy shawl boards, so please excuse the repeat.

    My daughter is three and has been dancing this year but I am thinking of making her a jingle dress because that is what I dance and she wants a dress like mine. However, she often says she wants to dance like a butterfly and use her fancy shawl. I had the idea of making her a rather simple dress that she could use for both. I would make the apron/cape style of jingle dress to go over it and then a yoke and shawl for fancy shawl. Has anyone ever seen anything like that before? Would it be acceptable since she is so little? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! I should also add in there that we don't do competition powwows at all.

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    You can do that. Have a plain and simple dress that can be worn with either outfit. The jingle dress can be made cobbler apron style and go over the dress and be open on the sides. Good style for growing kids.

    Even if you do this, you'll have to impress upon your daughter that she will need to dance in the style that she is dressed in and can't change her mind every 5 minutes, lol!


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