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Where Did you Get your Jingles?

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  • Where Did you Get your Jingles?

    Where did you get your jingles at?

    In case you didn't see my question; "where did you get your jingles (cones) at?":Chatter
    Pow wow Trail
    Bought them over the internet
    Friend/Family Member
    Nearest Native Retailer Store
    Stole Them! lol
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    got mine from r and v fultz in new jersey..cut them and shaped them...walla ...a jingle


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      where did i get my....

      I chewed my own lids, took a while but hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do :p
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        :) Bob Fultz he has the best prices and can get you any stlye you want. I love the newest ones called Indian Time, they are very pretty with flowers.


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          Got mines....

          Got mines at G.O.N baby! Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaah! *aye*
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            Well it all started a few years ago... Some students and I were on a class trip to a pow wow. While we were there we met this really really really nice lady and her family from Six Nay. LOL... my friends thought her son was a cutie pa-tootie... Anyways, a few months later she invited us to come to a pow wow near her rez. She asked what style we'd like to dance... and since she was a jingle dress dancer... she showed us her moves. :) On our last night there... she gave us each 365 SilverCreek jingles. I was sooo proud of them cuz they were all purdee and shiny.

            I rolled them all myself... and I'll be making my first dress soon.

            So, that's my story.
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              before I made my first dress, I asked my mom if we
              could just by the copenhagen, and throw out the
              inside stuff and keep the lids.... she's like if i'm gonna
              buy that many lids, someone is going to start

              luckily enough for me, I was gifted with enough
              lids to make two dress's....

              all's fair in love and pow wow.... see ya around


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                lol LMAO i got my lids from my grandma denise 1* and they are REd Wood and MCpherson or sum thin like that but really purty too.. oh yeah i also got that indian time but no matter how many jingles i used i jus couldnt get the sound i liked so i stuck wit REd wood and McPherson
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                  I get mine from local snuff and chew aficianados.
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                    My first dress has mcpherson and I got them from nocbay in northern michigan and my other 2 dresses have redwood and I ordered them from r and v jingles.


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                      I'm currently making my daughter's very first Jingle dress. My brother's spent the last 8 years of more collecting them for her, authentic copenhagen lids of all types. There are some pretty neat ones too, he was worried I was only going to use only the silver tone ones, but I told him all of them will go on her dress. The dress is being made in honor of our granny who passed away last summer, and my daughter is bringing it "out" in two weeks back home in Oregon. Our granny, showed and taught my brother about the dress a long time ago, and my daughter has always felt that this style of dance has been calling to her. She turned 13 yrs old this past year, and all the pieces fell in place; so I've been working on it this week, through arthritis and everything just to get them pretty enought for the dress:)


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                        Don't forget your local neighborhood jingle-dealer next time you need some, if I don't have any listed just pm or email me to see if I have any on hand!

                        Brands I have sold or sell are Indian Time, Mc Pherson's, Red Wood, Silver Creek....can also get plain silver or gold with no writing on them. I'm working on getting my own design too....just need to get the money up for the die...and then look out baby..... they'll be the snitz!!

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                          my very first jingle dress my grandpa gene gave me all his lids he chewed alot of chew in those days... eww yuck!*lol*luckily enough he was already missing teeth before he started chew*lol*....after that when i discovered the internet in 95' i looked for jingles at differen trading posts which cost me alot and then i did more searching and i found out that there was radyvjingles that sold them chepa so i bought it from him ....


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                            I got my last batch of McPhersons from Matoska in Cali. My new dress (just finished yesterday!!!!) has Missouri River from Driftstone Pueblo. They were all rolled upside down. It looks really cool
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                              The very 1st dress I made was with the McPhearson lids rolled wide from Crazy Crow. Now I use the Missouri River ones that are rolled tighter.
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