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Your help is needed ...Please!

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  • Your help is needed ...Please!

    I am posting this here, because powwow season is pretty much done here so I hope you'll all forgive the unconventional way i am making this request & that I can't send tabbacco over the internet, but I will place it my our cedar tree when I pray this morning.

    My 8 yr old daughter has some mental health issues (I think she is depressed) due to a series of events yesterday (tuesday) I have an appointment with her at the children's hospital today & was advised that they may reccomend admitting her. She is my baby girl & I want to get help for her but I want to do so while keeping her at home with me. Please dance and pray for her at your next powwow.
    Thanks, Suzze

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    Your daughter is in my prayers SuzzeQ, along with your self! Stay strong for her health, as I'm sure you are. Little ones are pretty resilient when they get the help and support they need.
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      Suzze, prayers are heard either way. I did the same thing when my lil boy got burned a few months ago. I won't be dancing for a couple of months (we're done until March) but I will pray for you and your family nonetheless. I hope everything goes well and it all works out. You are in my prayers!


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        As someone who has battled depression for several years now I can somewhat relate. I will put out tobacco for you and keep you, your little one and rest of your family in my prayers. Hang in there!


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          your daughter is in my prayers suzzeq4 .... sincerely hoping she gets better ....
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   both are in my prayers too!
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              Thank you all, I was able to bring her home, but we have alot of help ahead of us to get her the help she needs.


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                I'm a little late (school and family stuffs.) but just wanted to say that you and your daughter are in my thoughts and prayers.
                SHAKE IT!!!!


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                  I am glad to read that everything is going good. I can relate, my family has a lot of mental illness issues ranging from addiction, depression and PTSD.


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