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Manito ahbee powwow

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  • ojibwaysweetie
    How was the jingle dress category? Do they have old style and contemp? Good side step songs? Beautiful dresses I bet eh? :)

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  • ojibwaysweetie
    started a topic Manito ahbee powwow

    Manito ahbee powwow

    I would just like to take this time and space to wish all the Jingle Dress dancers that will be attending Manito Ahbee to have a great time dancing and best of luck to all. Think of us that cannot make it, but wish to be there sharing a dance with you. Luv 'n Hugs to all Let us know your thoughts when you return. :)

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  • Jibbyâ„¢
    Jibz Vent...
    by Jibbyâ„¢
    Does anyone actually go through the proper channels anymore to be a Jingle dancer???:Yell Or do girls just one day decide that they are going to make themselves a dress and start dancing?

    This irriatates me on a next level, because this dress originate's from my tribe. I am OJIBWE and...
    11-13-2003, 09:00 AM
  • sbarnes88
    Can or Can't I?
    by sbarnes88
    Hello everyone! I do not want to offend anyone or the dress or dance that you represent. I do however have a question. Would it be ok for me to go to the jingle dress dance? I want to dance this style, and have been wanting to for a while now. I just found out that someone is giving me a gift(they let...
    11-11-2010, 07:01 PM
  • rachelg196
    Can I ask what is a compittion style dress?
    by rachelg196
    For me, I like my dresses to be in a straight row(s) because that's how you get the best sound. I don't like the dress to have too much going on because it draws attention away from the dance itself.
    05-15-2006, 08:51 PM
  • Red Pride
    Jingle Dress Dancing Protocal and info.
    by Red Pride
    My daughter is 6 and a half years old. She has always taken an interest in pow-wows, and recently began dancing during every inter- tribal. Somebody had given her a Fancy Dance Shawl regalia, and she was very grateful. She wears it with pride and respect. Lately though, she has been dancing more of...
    05-22-2002, 07:22 PM
  • dakotahdawn
    Need Some Guidance
    by dakotahdawn
    I have recently taken an interest in the jingle dress and dancing but I am a little bit lost. I have gone on the web to search more about it but the information I am finding doesn't match up with what I am reading here on this site.

    I am half Dakota through my mother and I have always...
    01-19-2006, 11:54 PM



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