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    I got back on saturday from Good old Germany. It was so much fun being over there doing the dancing as well as being able to be a tourist. Alot of what we did, we went to different army/air force bases and did dancing for the kids/sometimes officers. They really loved it and they loved the fact that we went over there period. I have to wonder what is in the base curriculum for native americans because we did alot of question and answer, and a few questions were, is there still native americans, do we still go to war, do we still ive in teepes. these are from little kids mind you so they really don't know any better. the soldiers really loved the two step that we did though. I tell you the most heart breaking thing was when we went to landstuhl hospital- this is where they send the wounded soldiers from iraq, that was the most heartbreaking thing to see, but they appreciated us visiting them though. It was definately a learning experience for me and the other dancers that went over there.
    Wiconi Wakan Waste' Uha Winyan
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