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    Hello everyone, I'm a new dancer and am going to start making my first dress (with the help of my aunty). I would like to know what kind of material does everyone use? Satin? Solid colors or calico? Trade cloth?

    Any help is useful and appreciated!!

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    Hi Dakotamom! Welcome to the dance circle! I'm a new dancer my self, this forum has been great for me, I've learned many things and met some really great people here, so I wish you the best of luck on your journey! My dress is old style, made of solid colored cotton fabric. My dress is three peices, an underskirt and apron and cape. You can use all sorts of different fabrics as long as its heavy enough to hold the weight of the jingles. And make sure you use double bias tape to secure your jingles, it makes them tight and they won't fall off. I really like the look of some of the calico dresses. I would suggest first to decide if your going to dance contemporary or old style, then the fabrics and style of your dress will reflect your dance style! For old style dresses, I think the more simple the dress the better, let the focus be on the jingles. But there are some amazingly beautiful contemp. dresses out there with the satin and bright colors!


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