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  • I need help

    Girls and guys, I need some serious financial help. We got into a bind with medical bills and now they are working against us for our house. We can't lose it. I have feathers and stuff to sell and I can take custom orders for anything. I would never ask for money just straight up but any donations (even $10) would help immensely. We are trying to vend some this year to get extra money but I just feel sick right now with worry. We have two small children and right now it's hard to even feed them sometimes. Help me out, I'm begging!

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    Oops, sorry guys, this is actually my thread. My husband was logged in and I didn't realize it! If you guys can help me out in any way, I'd be eternally grateful.


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      Thre are organizations that can help you save your house and will work with you and the mortgage company to make the arrangements. I will pm you some info.


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        Originally posted by cherokeemom06 View Post
        Oops, sorry guys, this is actually my thread. My husband was logged in and I didn't realize it! If you guys can help me out in any way, I'd be eternally grateful.
        If we make it to Lancaster, I'll try to swing atleast a little your way. It may not be much though, but, maybe it can atleast buy you guys dinner for a night.
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          Jenn, thanks a lot. I really appreciate any help. Wyatt's medical bills from his hands are still burning us pretty good and now Allen's mom is sick so we're running back and forth between Indiana and here. It's just killing us. If you know anyone needing beadwork or featherwork, sewing, whatever, let me know. Do me a favor though. Don't say anything about this to Kathy or any of that bunch. They know we are having a hard time but I don't think they realize how hard. They already put a lien on the house and it just scares me.


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            A lien on your house is scary. But my understanding of that is that they usually won't take your house. It just means that you can't sell your house until you pay off your debt. I knew someone who had a lien on their house, a couple of them as a matter of fact, and they died without paying them off. They had been there for years and the person who wound up with the house was able to straighten it all out.


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              Well I have no plans on selling the house anytime soon. It just scares me because I don't want to chance losing the house. We already have a mortgage.


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                I totally understand what you are saying. But I would check out the laws in your area about these things.

                I know of two people who found out totally by accident that they had liens on their homes and the liens weren't even theirs.

                In both cases what it was was that the First and Last names matched someone else, so the state put a lien on all properties owned by people of those same names. One was due to a person who owned their own business and hadn't paid their worker's Comp insurance for their employee's and the person found out about the lien when they were going through Bankruptcy and it wasn't even their lien or business. Same name, different addresses and SS #'s and all that other stuff. They tried to get the lien off their home and found the court records that were 4 years old.LOL The lien is still there, but they still have their home too.

                The other person I know that that happened to found out when they were going through a divorce. Again, the same thing--Same first and last name--different addresses and different SS #'s. And they've been fighting ever since and it's still there too, the last I heard.


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                  will keep you and your lil family in our thoughts and prayers
                  I got a fevah! And the only cure is more cowbell!!!


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                    Ok guys I got this thing settled for $9500 if I can come up with the money. I have feathers, beadwork, sewing, whatever you need, I'll do and do it cheap so I can get the money. To the few of you who have helped me out already, thank you! I can work fast and I promise it will be quality.


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                      I haven't been on here in a bit and am just now seeing this thread. I just wanted to let you know that you're in my thoughts. PMing you with some stuff that might help.
                      SHAKE IT!!!!


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                        hi cherokeemom06,

                        i did not know hospitals would put leans on your home

                        but last augs when i sold my home of 15 years i was behine on texas taxs and sold it for under market vaule any way in doing the title search thay found a lean for 2,300 yep it was from my realtor who got it rolled in to my loan from my down payment fanny may help well it came out of my money befor closing so i had to pay over 10,ooo in all between taxs and lean so a 86000 dollar home sold for 48000 then i payed everthing and walked with 38,000

                        i just heard it sold for 80,000 but it still not live in yet

                        if this does anything to help you good

                        but maybe thay will take payments and see if you can get no instrest on the lean so it dont gain on you
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                          It's not the hospital that put the lien on the home. When we started paying the medical bills, we got behind on our credit card. They sued for the balance and because obviously I don't have $12000 to hand them, they won and the judgement was a lien on the house until it was paid. So yeah, the initial credit card balance was only like $8000 (still a lot, I know) but interest and late fees brought it up. I promise I don't go out splurging on stuff. I got divorced and was living off my credit cards for a while.


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                            thank you for explain it im sorry that has happened to you some ppl would have filled for bankruptcy but i hear that's harder to do these days ,

                            has the inrtsest stopped now ,and will thay let you make payments?

                            not that i can do much to help yu current problem but as others see it might help in some ways, really its a tuff move that thay did ,i never had much crite and always have to pay higher rates but in your same place i probly would have done the same.

                            best wishes to you
                            Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass..It's about learning to dance in the rain. for me and the wolf


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                              Hey Brooke,
                              Looks like we wont be making it to Lancaster after all. I have to work that weekend, they just put the schedule up today. Im gettin ready to head out and visit with some friends for tonight, but, maybe once I get back we can figure out something, maybe I can order somethin offa ya or something i really wanna help you out somehow....
                              Walk softly, leave nothing but footprints....


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