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    Okay, I'm new, and this has been done most likely. But who's your favorite jingledress dancers?
    I used to be your type, until I got help...

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    Yvette Ewalk
    BJ McDaniels
    Dorothy Crowfeather
    Tarissa Spoonhunter
    Ali Denny
    Tahnee Williams
    Sharon Eagleman
    Alana Tootoosis-Baker
    Karen Pheasant
    Jennifer Hamilton
    A'Shay Ironstar Big Mountain
    Vaugnda Hilton
    Don't ever stop dancing


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      i dunt usually have too many faves especially not this year as im takin off a year frem jingle year i should be out and bout gettin back in the swing of things ...but yay i would have to say yvette ewalk, willow jack, and alana tootoosis-baker
      like i said im not too big on faves-becca


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        my fav. jingle dancer

        My #1 would have to be Yvette Ewalk -baybee
        2 B.J. McDaniels
        3 Tarissa Spoonhunter
        4 Reva Hayes
        5 Jennifer Hamilton
        6 Dorthy CrowFeather
        7 Lauren WhiteBreast
        8 Cassie Ketchian
        9 Rena Bell Whitecloud
        10 Gladys Twoeagles
        11 Gunya Cornelias
        12 Dalonda Pushetonequa
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          Karen Pheasant, Sophie Pheasant and Lisa Lavalee!


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            Karen Pheasant
            Marie Dreaver
            Lisa Lavalee
            He's the type of rez I like
            ~A. Waquie Nov. 2003~


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              fav. jingler

              lisa lavelee
              niibing whiteeye
              jackie klein
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                mine is....

                <<<< Chantelle Sheena >>>>

                ***Andrea Narcisee***

                ^^^Laura John^^^

                ((((Dorothy Johnson))))

                These gurls are from bc and they are awesome dancers....

                R.I.P Alex Archie
                March 12, 1966 to May 7, 2003
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                  OMG..I forgot about Neebing

                  I thought she kicked *** in Ann Arbor, I thought for sure she had first..
                  He's the type of rez I like
                  ~A. Waquie Nov. 2003~


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                    Jackie Klien was @ Ann Arbor So of course she was going to get 1st Ahhh Booshoo My fave would have to be Jackie Klien because she has everything (footwork, awesome dresses, beadwork, plumes,fan and featherwork to go with it) And she's Ojibwe!!!! She doesn't dance all crazy like most people:Yell !!!! She's just absolutely magnificient!!!!!!!<~*~>Ajidamoo Pride<~*~>
                    <~*~>Ajidamoo Pride<~*~>


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                      JACKIE KLEIN

                      AAAAAAANNNNNDDDD, she's down to Earth and not all big headed like some dancers. I won't name names

                      Jackie has amazing beadwork (which she does herself) and gorgeous dresses. GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF, JACKIE!!!!

                      But I also like Karen Pheasant, Meredith Hedgepeth, Rowena Roberts and Adrian Smoke (has anone seen her around lately?)
                      Got percap?


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                        For TRADITIONAL JINGLE DRESS (Especially Squaw Dance):

                        1. Yvette Ewalk
                        2. Karen Pheasant
                        3. Alana Tootoosis-Baker
                        4. Diane Desrosiers

                        For CONTEMPORARY JINGLE CATEGORY:

                        1. B.J. McDaniel
                        2. Willow Jack
                        3. Denise One Star
                        4. Sharon Eagleman

                        For the ULTIMATE in jingle dress traditions:

                        Maggie White!
                        Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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                          My heros..
                          Willow Jack
                          Dorothy CrowFeather
                          Gladys Two Eagle
                          Bj McDaniels
                          >:< ~~ >:<


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                            Jackie Klein?? oh puhleeze ........ayeee :Tongue

                            my faves are umm....

                            Shanda Hunter :p
                            Marie Dreaver
                            Sharon Eagleman
                            Cepa TwoEagle
                            and this one other chick i cant think of her name.....i've drawn a blank.......dayum.....oh wellz.........
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                              Not another fave jingle dress thread!?!

                              Shannon, quit encouraging them. :p
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