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Who's got some cool new outfits, or whos seen some cool ideas this year?

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  • Who's got some cool new outfits, or whos seen some cool ideas this year?

    I would say that this year was pretty productive for dress making.
    I sawe some pretty dope dresses and designs and dress ideas.
    I liked dorthy's new dress, and alot fo chepa's dresses, hmm, tarissa spoonhunter got alot of new dresses done, oh I liked thea mclouds black and silver one!!! I would have to say capes were a big fad this year, and fringes at the bottom, did any one else spot any cool powwow FADs??????????????

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    I like Taressa Spoonhunters style as well....she is the first and ONLY that i have seen with the Latino flair on the cuffs of her sleeve!....first of all i was like "OH" then when i saw her jammin i was all "YOU GO GIRL!!" Def. a contemparary style....but just another evolvement of style to hit the trail.....evolvement...*L* is that a word! *L* YOU KNOW!
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      yeah I love her sleeve thing, reminded me of a princess dress , oh and last year I liked paula mcurtains terry fiddler dress


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        Latino flair on the cuffs of her sleeve!....
        i didn't see that.... can you explain it for me?

        Also, what length of dress you all noticing? Longer or shorter this year?
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          her sleeves are cut like princess fiona's sleeves on shrek, it looks nice I really cant explain , they're not like big bells but they sort of flare out and come to a point ant the hand....oh, I liked candace mc cabes cape...hmmm. and I liked Candace Johnsons new outfit shew wore at Hinkley, orannge or maroon I think


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            Oh Me Oh My...

            I was totally in love with these ladies dresses this summer...
            Willow Jack I love the colors an all the kick a$$ designs!

            Dorothy Crowfeather :D Hoolay made me wanna break out my machine!

            Chepa TwoEagles ;) I love all the pretty designs

            Tahnee Williams :) I still like the sequins


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              I think that Jennifer Hamilton did a dress with latino flair sleeves awhile ago but they were made outta lace or something so they didn't stand up or out like Tarissa's. Jennifer seems to be on leading edge of sleeve design usually.


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                hello everyone...
                i luv crystal johns regailias...also Zooey's and Sophie Bobs regailias. Dorothy Johnsons regailias are nice also.

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                  Jackie Klien
                  With her awesome rows and her cool horse head she had at Schemitzun!!!
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                    Man..Dorothy Crowfeather has some awesome dresses and awesome beadwork this year...makes me wanna hurry and finish mine!...:D
                    >:< ~~ >:<


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                      I wanna see some pictures! *L*
                      I really like Tahnee's dresses very pretty!
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                        Tahnee Williams, and hummm....
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