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    Hello all,

    I have 2 burning questions in mind.
    First, a question about dresses: is it better to have them tailored to fit, or just cut straight down?
    Second, about leggings: I don't want to wear my old leggings again this year, but my new ones won't be done for awhile. I'm thinking of cloth leggings, but don't want to look cheap and cheesy. Any thoughts on materials to use for cloth leggings?

    Tank you for your good thoughts.
    just hangin'

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    Tailored dresses look nice if they are made to fit the wearer. You don't have to do a whole lot, just make a bit of an inward curve at the sides under the arms. An experienced seamstress could put in darts for a more fitted result. Straight sides are okay especially if you have both a wide bust and hips. Others can hide some of the extra material with a wide belt.

    As far as cloth leggings go, they can look nice or crappy depending on how much work you put into them. Very nice ones can be made with applique done in satins, sequin fabric and other nice material. Give them a stiff backing and sew all your edges down neatly and your leggings should look just fine.

    My 2 cents, for all its worth....


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      I agree with czechy. I have seen (and made, if I may say so) many nice cloth leggings. I made my one friend a cloth regalia, cloth shirt, dress, leggings, shawl, belt. While my other friend ' I both have beaded regalias. We are like peas in a pod, the 3 of us always dancing together and 9 times out of 10 jer cloth regalia gets the compliment. I put a lot of work into it. She only had enough money for cloth but I promised her it would be as beautiful as any beaded regalia, and it's one of my all about the effort.


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        Thank you for your replies. I don't mean to sound offensive when talking about cloth leggings - I do respect every outfit. It's just that going from beaded to cloth seems like walking backward - awkward much?
        I severely want to dance this summer. However, I also want to make sure that I show the proper respect for my culture and my people by putting in a good effort. I believe I will try a few cloth samples and see what works best.

        Again, thank you to the 2 people who replied. As for the rest of you, you won't get to see my tinsel and Christmas light leggings when they're done! Just kidding - actually you won't be able to miss them no matter how much you try!

        In Jest,
        just hangin'


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          I'd say anything with effort and care and knowledge will show respect...especially with lights and tinsel!


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