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    everyone is always talking bout faves etc... which is all good but i think a new topic is in order how abotu soemone start one here...becca

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    How about why did you choose to dance jingle?

    It wasn't really a choice for me , it was somethng that had to be done. I had a dream and it was so strong that I had to make the dress to dance in. And the purpose was very clear after I completed the dress. Because everything in my life changed after making the dress. And only good things have been happening to me since. So it was a good thing to listen to my instincts a followed my dream.


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      Its like I did not choose to dance jingle - seems like I was chosen to dance that way. Dreams tell us a lot and when taken to an elder for interpretation you have a responsibility to fulfill that dream. :)
      "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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        i never really had a choice either i jus started dancing it and later bout 1 yr, my mom asked me wat i wanted to be and all i said was nothing. I dont kno why even, now days i dont kno why i never answered her, i jus kept dancing. I've been dancing for about a total of 7 years and ever since then i jus danced not for money but for fun and to help others, yeah sumtymez it might (not) seam that way but yes i think it was jus because i had it in me and to do jus what they say to do so idk but.....whenever i dance i say a womans name that needs help and i dance for her, the person i picked out kinda scarey but ill keep dancing till i get old........ well thats all i gotz to say....:Angel2
        ~* wen u were born u were born cryin while everyone round u was smilin now that u r gone u r the one smilin and everyone round u is cryin*~


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          like all you other girls i didnt really CHOOSE to dance jingle.i was asked by a blackfoot elder to life changed alot after i started dancing has kept me out of evrything bad a teenager gets into(drugs etc)
          who lives in a pineapple under the sea? man i wish it was me!


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            with my i didnt choose to become a jingle dancer either it just happened i just knew it was my time to switch to jingle...i started off shawl now that my momma brought me into i think her way of thinking was once of these days ill become jingle dancer and what ya know i became things always come out good ya just gotta wait fo rit..well im sorry i gott ajam im tire dand i got doen with my last class..laterz yall-becca


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