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Incorrect history of Jingle Dress origins found on Montana State website.

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  • Incorrect history of Jingle Dress origins found on Montana State website.

    Montana Arts Council: Jingle Dress <-----click here
    I happened to google search Jingle Dress and came across an Arts Council article on the Montana State's Official website, which states: "the jingle dress originated with the Chippewa/Ojibwe people at Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin."

    This is not true!

    The jingle dress originated from Whitefish Bay, at Lake of the Woods in Ontario.

    Its either that the person who wrote the info on the website made the error, or the two sources in the article, Danna Clark Runsabove and Patricia McGeshick, have passed on incorrect facts.

    The disturbing part of this is that anishinaabeg history of the jingle dress's origins is being distortedly written. Those who could have read this article are not learning the true history of the jingle dress, and could possibly pass on the misinformation to others learning about the dress and its dance.

    Anyways, I sent an email to [email protected] asking them to look into this matter and make the corrections on their website. If Runsabove and McGeshick passed on the incorrect historical info, I hope they get their history/facts straight.

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