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    My eldest daughter received permission some time ago to be a Jingle Dress dancer, and has been learning a lot about it. I am finally getting around to her dress. The one question I have that I can't get a good answer on is this: number of jungles for her size (I am not asking about the 365 myth, just number in relation to her size.) I think it is all guess work as the dancers we know best are all either shorter and or rounder then her.

    She is 5'7" and slim, but not to much. About a size 4 or 6 with curves. She is not having a competition style dress (we don't go to competition powwows anyway) It will be plain cotton with out design (except on cape and leggings) the rows will be straight most likely and I am not sure how many jingles I may need. We will be taking a day trip to get them so would like to get them all at once.

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    How many rows are you planning on? You can figure about a jingle an inch.

    When you say cape - is that a separate cape and will it have jingles hanging off it?

    300 is a good estimate...even 365... is what it is...


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      TY Wyo. 300 would be good since they are mostly sold by the hundred and 200 sounded way to few. But you think it may be a bit more? Yes seperate cape with jingles. I was gonna figure out number of rows as I went along so it would be spaced well for her. She is all leg with a 36 inseam so the dress will be mostly skirt. I always worry sewing for this daughter as once she grew out of a dress before I finished but I think she is close to done growing.


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        hi its Shadowoman we meet in Canada --we were told seven rows for the seven grand-mother teachings -- star is starting her jingle next week -she wanted to wait til she turned 18 (my baby grew up on me ) she is being helped by two senior Jingle dancers in teaching and helping her -- she was told to add one jingle a day with Prayers said--- she also does not do competition pow wows hope all is well with you and yours Ba Ma Pi Shadow


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          Yeah, you may want to have a few extra just in case - especially at the end of rows so when you get done and look at it, you'll be thinking, "dang, I should have put an extra jingle there."

          Plus it's always good to have a few extra on hand in case any come off...nah, that never happens.

          Once I saw a girl with 450 jingles on her dress. They were bunched up - not laying flat - but it was kind of a cool effect. It looked heavy though, SOUNDED heavy and I'm sure it wasn't very light.
 is what it is...


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            OK...extras. I think I will lay out the pattern and figure out how many rows we will use and how long a row is...a jingle an inch...time for some math I see. Now shawl fringe I got down, have a little math equation saved on my computer and everything. I help 2 of my friends make puffy sleeves for thier dresses, but my kid doesn't want never want what you can have eh?


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