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    who does NOT contest dance?? hihi! I am a jingle dress dancer, who dances primarily for healing purposes, and considers herself to be very traditional. I personally believe the dress to be very powerful, and to contain an unmeasureable amount of healing power. I occasionally will attend a powwow, but I always refrain from contest dancing, and I have noticed that usually I am the only jingle dress dancer who does not contest dance. However, I do dance in a local play that runs during early to mid-spring (so if you have heard or seen me, this is probably why) I have been taught to follow "older traditions" and when I was initiated into the realm of jingle dress dancing, I took several vows, one of them being that I would never contest dance, for the sole sake of respect and true purpose of the dress. On the contrary, i give my support to those who contest dance, and I dont really take offence to contest clear up contradiction, I believe the vows I took are my own vows, and I have no right to push them on other people. I was just curious as to if there were any other people out there who also do not contest dance for personal beliefs...(or maybe im just a

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    Nah, you're not alone, but the ones that I do know that don't compete, don't really travel all over, mostly local pow-wows.


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      I use to, but dont know more. Even though I get itchy feet when I see my other ojib jingle sisters out there really givin the best they got. I especially like the traditional jingle category. Who knows maybe I'll give it a whirl again, even just one more time for ole times sake :D
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        ur not weird

        i do dance competition,but i wear a different dress when i compete b/c i believe that if you dance for someone for healing & then you contest in it it doesnt have the same i wear a different dress when i compete than when i dance for some one.
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          yay i know what cha mean...its liek in my closet i got plain simple jingle dresses for liek healing and smaller powwows...but the bigger powwows thats where i usually use the fancier jingle dresses....i even got each one for 4 seasons so i'll be comfortable all the time instead of raosting...but now i dont dance just putting it off for while...too much to get adjusted too adn too much stuff to get done and al that jazz...


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