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  • balance..

    okay my current situation im balancing out work, school and trying to do yall jingle dancers who are college students balance it out and still have time for powwows...even when your work requires you to work on weekends? i mean i'm like totally struggling with where i don't have time for powwows..becca

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    Well, one of the things that I did was take my books with me everywhere, even to pow-wows. I would be sitting there reading legal textbooks while my hair was getting braided, etc. And although I still havent quit mastered the art of sticking to strict time management, if you put in a good 8-10 hours during the weekdays, you will have more free time on the weekends. Treat your college work like a full-time job and try not to slack during the weekdays. I know, totally easier said than done, but that's how some of my friends managed their busy lives! Good luck with your studies.


    And to tell you the truth, my pow wow life suffered while I was in school. But hey, it will always be there once you are done with your college life. I got to enjoy my first real pow-wow season since the beginning of college life for me 7 yrs ago, and it was great, and even better knowing I had earned my right to be there. Do what you have to do first and you can enjoy the benefits later.....


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      I'll answer to this even tho I dance tradish

      I try to do my work after class...and I also have work study 10 hours a week.

      But most of my classes are computer classes and aren't that hard. So I try my best to get things done, go to work, and be able to bead and pow-wow!


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