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First time making leggings URGENT!

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  • First time making leggings URGENT!

    So, I'm making a new pair of leggings for my jingle dress out of a sparkle dot material. I'm got the basic squares cut out and the interfacing is ironed on. I'm just really nervous and unsure about what shape they should be, and cutting them. I always mess up with the cutting. I have enough material so that if I make a mistake, I can do another pair, but I don't want to waste this fabric. I'm also on edge about using and sewing bias tape. I got wide single fold bias tape. Should I use double fold? I bought some muslin and zippers for them too. Should I sew the muslin on the back of the interfacing for comfort? Or would they be fine with just the bare interfacing? I'm so nervous about the zippers, it's ridiculous! Should I sew them on the muslin? Or the interfacing? I've got so many questions. I'm not planning on adding any beadwork to these, and it's a bit urgent. I'm headed to the Battle Point powwow on saturday, and I'd like to have them done by tomorrow evening, early saturday morning. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


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    Wow, first thing...breathe!!

    And then find something to experiment on, as far as determining the size and shape - a paper bag, extra muslin...something besides your nice fabric.

    I've seen all shapes from a simple square to fancy shaped tops, cowboy boot shaped tops, etc. I make most of mine with a slightly curved bottom and top, and wider at the top than the bottom. Some people make them longer in the back on the bottom to cover the heel's up to YOU!

    So practice on the shape and size and come up with a good pattern.

    What length are your zippers, and are they separating or connected permanently at the bottom? If they're separating, you'll need to take that length into account on your pattern.

    My suggestion is to use TWO layers of interfacing. Then back it with the muslin, sew the DOUBLE fold bias on, then the zippers last.

    You CAN sew on single fold bias by flattening it out, lining up one edge and sewing along the folded line. Then fold it over, and stitch that edge down. Some bias is made with one fold narrower than the other, so line the narrower edge up with the edge of your fabric on the first line of sewing.

    Another way to make the leggings is to sew the zippers on your fabric/interfacing, then put the backing on - WRONG sides together - and sew down one side, across the bottom and up the other side, then turn it right side out. The zipper will be nicely sandwiched between the fabric and the backing. Then sew bias just across the top....but I don't want to confuse you.

    Oh, and if the zippers AREN"T separating, sew them on upside down, so the connected part is at the top of your legging.

    I hope I haven't thoroughly confused you. Please let me know if you need any of this explained better.

    GOOD LUCK!! is what it is...


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      good gosh alrighty! It's like a whole different language you speakin there [MENTION=4752]wyo_rose[/MENTION].....LOL I can barely match up thread and material to make curtains....LOL
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        You're a life saver! The zippers separate, they're twelve inches long, about the length my leggings are going to be. Wasting the fabric might not be such a big issue if my calves weren't so darn big! Hahaha! At least it's mostly muscle though, and not just flab, so that's a plus.

        Let's see now, the only things that still really confuse me, is flattening out the single fold bias, and getting the zipper in between the two pieces. I'm not going to worry about the bias tape, I'll just return it and get double fold. The zippers though, are what I'm most concerned about.
        I made a quick pair out of some black velvet with help from a couple friends and we used velcro on those ones, but on the right legging, the velcro was sewn too close to the edge and kept coming loose. Lucky for me, I had some leftover leather lacing and buttons that I used to make my hair ties. So I took two eight inch pieces of lacing and sewed through them onto the fabric, and made a bolo tie, of sorts. But the lacing is cheap, and breaks on me if I pull too tight. I'm tired of making constant repairs to them. Not to mention, when I'm in a hurry to get to grand entry, they're kind of a pain to put on. I spend at least two or three minutes just getting them and my mocs on.

        I've been looking to get a little more contemporary with my regalia, and I'm adding on. I bought a pair of earrings to go with my dress, and I'm making these leggings by myself, and that's why I'm so nervous. We had some pretty decent mishaps when they sat me at the sewing machine for my velvet pair. I forgot to put the foot down a couple of times, which resulted in a royal MESS. Eventually, they just kicked me off it. Needless to say, I'm not too sure about taking it on again. I'm feeling a little more confident though, now that I kind of have an idea what I'm aiming for. Miigwetch!
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          Are you still sewing???

          Did you get double fold bias???

          With this first (fast) set of leggings, you might just want to sew the zippers on the front edge after it's "biased" and then worry about a backing later on.

          There's another way to "sandwich" the zipper between the layers of fabric:
          lay the fabric edge of the zipper even with the edge of the front of the legging, on the RIGHT side of the fabric. Pin or baste, or even SEW, in place. Now lay the backing material on top, RIGHT sides together.

          So you should have interfacing/fabric (right side up)/zipper/backing (wrong side up) in that order. PIN!! Then sew along the edge.

          Do the same thing with the other side, then turn the legging right side out. Trim the edges even and cover with double fold bias, or just tuck the edges in evenly along the top and bottom and topstitch.

          GOOD LUCK!!

          PS. It's a little more comfortable if your zipper doesn't go right to the top edge and bottom edge. Place it at least 1/2 inch from the edge.

          And when using a zipper, your pattern needs to be JUST RIGHT - or a little on the big side. And congrats on having muscles!!!
 is what it is...


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            Originally posted by Chevy_truckin_NDN View Post
            good gosh alrighty! It's like a whole different language you speakin there [MENTION=4752]wyo_rose[/MENTION].....LOL I can barely match up thread and material to make curtains....LOL
            Sorry, I get carried away trying to explain things.

            Just like the sewing on single bias thing...need PICS to do this. It's too confusing without.
   is what it is...


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              It is indeed confusing! But I can get through it. I'm glad I have a couple friends who know how to sew! I didn't get them done, but i did replace the leather lacing on my other leggings with ribbon to match my hair ties. It looks a lot better and they're actually easier to get on and off. Now I can take my time on this new pair! ^-^


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