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    I have been out of the Pow Wow seen for 6 years now and am looking to come back. I went in the military(4yrs) and now I'm finishing up my college and I've had 2 kids soooo I'm a bit rusty! I need help with what need and need to do to get back into jingling. I have about 450-500 cones and the design of my dress I've started on my leggings and mocks. I anyone can tell me some good jingle dress cds and how often I need to practice to get back into competition. And the plume thing is all new to me to I going to have to ask my uncle about that. Thanks for your help!:D

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    Well, welcome back to the pow wow trail! :D

    I like to listen to a lot of drum groups and their jingle dress songs. A good one to practice to would be Ikwe Nagamonan by Northern Wind. Good jingle dress straight and side steps :)
    "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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      Whitefish Bay, Northern Wind, and Little Otter all have tapes with lots of good jingle dress songs. For pow-wow music in general, Eyabay, Midnite Express, Battle River, Bear Creek, White Fish Jrs., there are tons of good ones.


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