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  • Conch or Beaded Belts

    Just deciding on a new belt.

    The poll is expired.

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      Tell you the truth I can't stand concho belts. To me it's an example of how lazy people can be with regard to their outfits. That should be the first thing completed in an outfit. No matter what style.

      Pow-wow style is all about work. It's a display or a representation of yourself, your family, and your nation. And because pow-wows are an intertribal thing, it doesn't matter anymore that "your people don't practice those ways" It's about showing off and being seen. Isn't that what grand entry is for?

      When I see unbeaded belts it reminds me of those wannabe groups that play Indian. And even then, nowadays those groups are having nicer beadwork than Indians!

      To me, the more beadwork a person has, the better. When I judge I don't even look at the dancers with no beadwork, Even if they dance better. It's a sign to me that those people care enough about their dancing to do just that much more.


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        But a lot of people dont even make their own stuff...... right?

        I agree with ya though.. the work shows the pride and all that stuff but I think that dancing should be judged on the dancing as well

        Some guys are good with their drum sticks.... and some just arent...:karate:


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          I am having a conch belt made for my outfit next summer. I think both styles look good. :)


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            Originally posted by eagleclan22
            But a lot of people dont even make their own stuff...... right?

            I agree with ya though.. the work shows the pride and all that stuff but I think that dancing should be judged on the dancing as well
            Yup I agree with ya girl! Dang I hope this dude isn't picked to judge at a powwow I'm at in the future b-cuz my lazy azz concho belt will damn me lol(even tho I got everything else beaded and am comin out with some nice new dresses) But I agree too that the hard work shows the pride and time put into an outfit but yeah dancing should be considered too. I see champion jingle dancers that don't have beaded belts and some of them win every weekend I think the quality/detail of their dresses and their beadwork is so outstanding that it doesn't matter if they got a beaded belt or not LOL For some it's a neccessity for others it isn't as big a deal, I guess. But with next set of beadwork I do I think I'm going to try to bead a belt cuz I admit they sure DO look awesome :)
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              Beaded would look a lot better and doesn't look like it was a last minute thing.


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                Hey speaking of belts I think another kind look nice. They are floral and it looks like they're painted or something but not beaded. Here's a pic from the gallery of Yvette Ewack wearing one (click on the name) I've seen other dancers wearing them too don't know the name of them or anything but those belts look nice cuz they come in different colors to match your beadwork and stuff.
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                  Okay so here's the way i see it...i have a beaded belt now but i don't care to much to wear it...BECAUSE during these uhm...winter months i tend to how do i say...expand:p an that belt is not fit for that so i like to stick to my concho belt an plus i have my trophy buckle on there(read) Miss WJRA Rodeo Queen:Angel: so i just love showin that off...ayez!


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                    Madge White had a nice painted belt that I sawn her wear this past summer:p lol.... in defense of concho belts, especially the Navajizzo ones:Chatter Those have alot of detail, my in-laws gave me one for my birthday last year that I do wear with my dresses, cuz it's soooo nice.


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                      I have a concho one. I've had it ever since I've been dancing jingle. I made a beaded one, that I made with my 1st bead work. Looking at my expanding waist line just depresses me. I love my current belt. It's easier to hang my purse. I'm hoping to finish my beaded belt by spring so I don't look like a hobbiest.:p lol. Where I live, I look like I have to much beadwork to begin with. I wish peeps out here took pride in themselves. They think beadwork is so hard. It's not. I say if you can sew then you can bead.:Angel:


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                        Does anyone onhere know anybody that can make those nice tack belts? I would really like one for next year!
                        Post out loud incase anyone else in interested, or PM me.
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                          I have both kinds of belts, beaded and concho. My beaded belts are wide Plateau/Crow style. For concho belts, I have one with plain conchos and another with fancy stamped conchos. Sure, beaded belts can look nice as long as it isn't overkill with the rest of the outfit. IMHO, one can have too much beadwork! Concho belts can give the eyes a break when everything else in the outfit is beaded.


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                            Beaded or otherwise???

                            I'm new to this but the topic is pretty hot, I never really thought it mattered that much, because I do my own beadwork, and I like both styles... but I'm also new to being a jingle dancer and I am taking the tiome to make my regalia right since this will be my last dancing style. I'm not one that believes in changing back and forth like the rising and setting sun. I do wish you luck and all the best with whatever you decide...:Angel2


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                              Witchy Woman, if that belt is what I think it is it is like a leather belt w/designs. I have one that JR Brushbreaker's dad (I think his name is Darrell) and I know Osceola Red Shirt use to make them. I don't have a scanner but will try to bring it in next week and have my boss take a digital pic of it and post it.
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