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  • To Compete or not to Compete

    I want to know if anyone has been to Red Earth or Gathering of Nations? I heard the competition is fierce and the amount of dancers is outragous! I have only competed in the soo ( sault saint marie and various michigan powwow I'm worried that maybe I not experianced enough. Can I get your opinions please to dance or not

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    Girl, just get out there and dance. It's not about who's a better dancer, it's about giving it your all. Shoot, I have danced alongside Carol Melting Tallow, Georgina Jones, Rose Track, etc. Now they are bomb dancers and I am mediocre, but that ain't gonna stop me from doing what I love.
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      I agree with Jibby, just be prepared to see stuff that you normally wouldn't in your area.


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        Originally posted by ndnmba
        I agree with Jibby, just be prepared to see stuff that you normally wouldn't in your area.
        Like what?:Eyepopper


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          been to Gathering....

          It will blow your mind. Be prepared to deal with other traditions, and make sure you go and register thursday (less of a line) and take a couple of blankets and tape to rope off your seating (benches suck) as close to the floor as you can (you may not see a lot, but its sure beats trying to race down the stairs to make your contest)! If you enjoy beading and making your own outfits, bring a notebook to jot down ideas for your next outfit.
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            just do what ya feel is right and if ya feel its right to compete dont let other ppl get ya down about it..-becca


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              well competition maybe tough, but the only thing u can do is get out there and dance ur lil heart out.
              its not all about winning, u dance for urself and ur family.
              it maybe be intimidating, but all comp. is.
              so keep ur head up
              Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.


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