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  • Funky attitudes.....

    Hey guys.....

    Jib's post got me thinkin. How do you guys deal with funky attitudes with other jinglers? I don't mean the stuck up dancers, I mean the ones with no home training (gossiping, cheating, lying, etc.), hella bad attitudes, and doing things that ain't right (See Jibz vent about booty bouncin). Now I understand younger women doing a few things that are inappropriate (everybody's done something stupid at one time or another) but what about the older folks that should know better (like 17 on up)? I've seen a few things but it's like I'm torn ya know? I'm thinkin "somebody needs to say something (in a good non parental way) but the other part says "where are her parents or she knows better". I've seen some bad tudes and a few bad actions. What do you think?
    SHAKE IT!!!!

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    i HATE it when other girls think they are better than me or some dumb shyt like that b/c they arent,but yeah,when you have a jingle dress on you arent supposed to act like that!if you arent gonna treat your (or some 1 elses's )dress good & act right in it then you shouldnt have it on,thats the way i feel about it.its a healing dress notjust some old dress that has no meaning.
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      yeah ... i have dealt with my share of bad tudes .... but hey , i don't pay em no mine ... i am dancing for my people who are sick and need healing and prayers ... i don't dance to impress other people .. i dance because it is in my heart and i was destined to jingle.
      "When the forest weeps, the Anishinabe who listens will look back at the years. In each generation of Ojibway there will be a person who will hear the si-si-gwa-d, who will listen and remember and pass it on to the children."

      "Night Flying Woman"


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        Brown noser's:dvhill: and politics.


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          LOL. You mean the ones who talk shyt while their in their dresses? The ones who can barely see ya from the tops of their noses?

          I don't even bother with those types, someone else can kiss their azzes, sure as hell aint gonna be me. I choose to kick it with women who are just plain ole nice ya know? Like... Witchy, Chica and c_lady_native.:D

          It's interesting to see tho, the ones that are like that don't ever pull any stunts after the pow-wow.


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            You have to wonder if they were "brung up" or "drug up"


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