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    What are the major pow wows that everyone goes to. I am coming back on to the pow wow scene this summer. I havent danced for 6 year due to my military duties but now it back to what I love dancing. I know i have had alot of questions and thanks for all the feed back it has been a great deal of help and thanks for being patiente. I know so of the thing i'm asking are kind of duh questions but i rather be safe than sorry. This winter i'm getting all my steps down and my legs and calves back into conditon. But thanks again for all the help.

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    You should try to go to Prairie Island pow-wow in December just to start out. The college pow-wows start off the spring, then Denver March and Gathering are two of the biggest. It all depends on where you live.


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      welcome back to the arena Snowelk.
      See you on the trail.
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        you gotta hit schemitzun...its an alright powwow!
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          schemitzun is okay .... alot of dancers and some of the best drums, but they way they treat the dancers is getting worst every year to me ... i sometimes i get bad vibes there.
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